Without A Word

Do you want them because you know they’re there?
It isn’t love, it’s lonileness.

Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don’t want them to get hurt?
It isn’t love, it’s pity.

Those lines were from an article I just read when I got home today. I admit that’s how I felt when I read it a year ago for this certain guy. But while I was browsing my notebooks and found this, I sort of found it didn’t apply now. I find it already strange enough that I find my thoughts stray to him when I’ve got nothing to do and when I’m in the middle of work, he sometimes pops on my mind. But I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say that I like him. Maybe I just got too accustomed to his presence, that’s all.

He’s the only guy that I could talk to with just about anything, except with serious matters of the heart. We don’t talk about it and I feel uncomfortable talking about it. Haha. It’s been a long time since I last saw him, but I know he’s doing fine. I should stop thinking and probably there isn’t a reason why he’s bugging me lately. -.- I haven’t even thought of my crush for a while now. :S The reason why I’m afraid of having someone that I like is not the fear of getting hurt, but the fear that it might be too late. It’s sad when feelings don’t cross, and kind of a waste.

I’ll be fine in the next few days; probably my mind is still muddled since I knew today that I have failed in one subject. T_T

I shouldn’t have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didn’t see it, like I couldn’t see it
I shouldn’t have looked at you in the first place

I should have run away,
I should have pretended I wasn’t listening
like I didn’t hear it, like I couldn’t hear it
I shouldn’t have heard your love in the first place