Why I Prefer DIYs

Yup, I like DIYs. Here are a few reasons why:

1. I save money. If you go to a salon, they charge underarm waxing for around 250 – 350 Php / session. Since I’ve had it done at a salon once or twice, I figured going there is not worth the price when I know I can just buy the tools and do it myself. I bought a sugar wax, baby powder and aloe vera gel. Total damage? 400 Php. I’ve used the wax five times now and it is still ¾ full. Do the math. 😉

2. I love that I can customize the finished product according to my needs and preference. I designed my own dresser/library/work table in my room – where can you find that kind of table in the market? =P I designed it that way to utilize my tiny bedroom space. I get to decide what dimension, color and finish I would like. Building it is out of my wits (I would love to try this soon!) so I had it done by my dad’s acquaintance. I even revamped my cabinet because it was driving me crazy.

3. I know what goes into the products I use. I have acne-prone, oily-combination, mildly sensitive skin (tough luck, eh?). Most commercial products break me out and they have more or less the same ingredients(hello water, aloe vera, tea tree, cosmetic oils & butters!) and are all chemical-laden(SLS and paraben to name a few). Making my own gives me freedom and peace of mind. My skin never felt this good! Not only that, I get to save money too! :))

4. The “skills” I’ve acquired by venturing into these kinds of things are added into my “life skills” or “personal skills” and that gives me a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Cliche? But I don’t mind. =D