We’re The Perfect Two

I received this gift certificate last December from my previous employer to show their appreciation for our hard work in one of their biggest projects. I’ve had this for about three months before I was able to use it. I spent a lot during the holiday but wasn’t able to bring this during the times I was shopping. LOL. And I was on a thrift mode after that because I know I have to catch up on my savings. My wallet was really bleeding at that time. But these past few days, I’ve been itching to buy something but don’t know what to get. I was about to buy makeup, when I went to the shoes department.

I lusted over this pair of shoes last Christmas, but kept myself from buying because I’ve spent way out of my budget. It was 1,000 Php back then. It was just my luck when I saw this after a few months. And guess what? They have my shoe size, which is really rare. I ogled at the price even more when I saw it was reduced to 800 Php. ^_^

This was the last pair so the right shoe isn’t as new as the left one, but I bought it anyway. When I reached the cashier, she told me it had 20% off, so I only paid 720 Php. 🙂 The gift certificate was only 500 Php so I had to pay an additional 220 Php. It was such a steal for me! YAAAAY!

I rarely have shoes with designs such as this one because getting a pair is already much of a bother for me due to my small size. >_< If I like something and didn't get it, the most probable reason was that there isn't any available size for my feet. Urgh. It's really frustrating. I'm tired of wearing black shoes (I have 2 high heeled shoes and flats - do you know how boring that is? Can you feel my pain? HAHA) to work, so this is a great alternative for me. I feel like a child. I'm so happy. x3