To My Sister From Another Mother

Editing photos like a pro… Using MS Excel. Hahahaha! Made this at work while waiting for my task. *evil grin* I fondly call her “Budyotot” and she’d reply with “Babietot” LOL.

Happiest birthday to the sister that I never had! I’m glad we enrolled in IT together. If it weren’t for it, we probably aren’t what we are right now. We wouldn’t have known each other and are probably only acquaintances for are like heaven and earth back then. You were the one who are talkative and I barely open my mouth to say anything. So yeah, you influenced me. You’re one of the rare people who brought out the loud and crazy in me, and more. Awweee. *sniff* I’m proud how far you’ve gone and I know you will keep on improving and becoming the best version of yourself.

PS: I hope you like your mochi green tea. :3 Posting this here coz I’m not used in posting mushy stuff on FB. ?