Through The Camera Lens

Last Saturday, my co-workers and I had a fun shoot. Two of them are photographers and I’m the only HMUA. They decided to have an indoor photoshoot to try out Shad’s soft box, which is amazing by the way.

Anyway, it was a unique shoot as the 3 of us were also models. That meant we had to multi task and had to combat time because they have another appointment later that night. It was also our first time modeling or so, because as you all know photographers and MUAs only work behind the camera most of the time. 🙂

I am quite proud with the makeup, but honestly, I still find it scary/difficult to line other people’s upper lash line for fear of messing up. I still need a ton of practice. The photographers did a great job with the photos, considering they only have one light.

Here are some of the photos they have produced. I will post the details of the makeup in a separate post as well.




Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think!

Note: I drafted this at work, but was only able to post it today. 😛