Stepping On A Land Mine

Stepping On A Land Mine

A few years ago when I was still occupied with my day job, I didn’t have the time to manage my blog. But I was active on forums, sharing my thoughts and interacting with fellow users. There was this incident wherein I got into a heated discussion about WordPress versus Blogspot with a poster who was a devout Blogspot user.

It offended me when I made an effort to explain to him why I chose WordPress, and he goes rebutting “I didn’t read that long reply”. It’s so unprofessional and as a full-time blogger, he even had wrong grammar while we were responding to each other and he eventually called me names and such. The thread was going off-topic although my purpose in that thread was to educate the users who were looking to use either tool.

Admittedly, I responded emotionally back then while pointing out my views. Reflecting on this now, I would have said “It is pointless talking to you as you are a close-minded on this topic and you don’t care what other bloggers have to say. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I wish you well in your blogging career.” And that would be the end of the discussion.

Why stress yourself out over minute stuff that doesn’t matter in the long run?

If you find yourself in the same situation, you have the power to walk away. Don’t spend energy on someone who is not open enough to receive what you have to offer, may it be an advice, an opinion or any kind of help. If their mind is set on stone, then whatever you say, regardless of your motive, will not change anything.

In our everyday lives, we would always encounter battles where there are land mines everywhere, wasting your time and resources.

Did I just step on a land mine?

Yes, because two years later, that experience didn’t matter anymore. I wouldn’t have caused myself negative emotions if I learned how to choose which battle to fight. Because sometimes, it’s just a land mine disguised as a battle. You have bigger and more important stuff to focus on.

What are you really fighting for? What are your motives? By distinguishing that, you would now know where to direct your effort and time to. Always choose your battles, darling.