Spending Less Time On Social Media

I used to spend my time after work mindlessly scrolling through FB. Now, I can go on days without checking it. IG doesn’t bother me at all, I only spend around 10 minutes on it. Years ago, scrolling through any social media platform is a sort of killing time for me, now it bores me out and saddens me because I know that I can do many stuff other than just spending it looking at posts I don’t truly care about. 

I am selective which media to consume, because consuming too much media now drains me out. I realize though that I need improvement on spending less time on Youtube and Shopee. These two are directly proportional. If I’m watching mukbang or beauty videos, then most likely I will head on to Shopee to buy those stuff I just watched. Hence, it is important for me to lessen my time on these and make my wallet happier as a bonus.

Apart from beauty influencers I follow on Youtube, I do not follow celebrities and vloggers who vlog about their everyday lives in any social media platform because it’s too noisy for me and most of the are just walking/talking advertisements. There are only a few people whose reviews/recos you can trust because most of them are paid or given free PR packages. I find most of them too worldly, dramatic and sadly toxic and unhealthy. My Twitter and IG feeds are less noisy than FB because I intentionally only follow people I connect with. 

Honestly, spending less time on social media made me happier and more content with life. It makes you realize that you have more time on your hands and urges you to be more mindful with how you spend it.