About Rawrbie.com

Date purchased by Kat: August 17, 2009
Site Opened: August 25, 2009
Registered at: Namecheap
Expired On: August 18, 2015 🙁

Why Rawrbie?

I’m horrible at naming sites as you might know and I was listing all possible names that I can think and like. I came across some sites and webhosts and saw a domain that was up for adoption at So-Pink: rawrpink.org. However, I didn’t think I was ready to have a TLD at that time so I didn’t pursue it. Though it’s common, I liked the expression “Rawr!”. A lot. It is one of the expressions that I use whenever I’m bored or angry. A funny line I’ve read at Urban Dictionary is that rawr is a word that means “I Love You” in dinosaur. Cute, isn’t it?

This site is my personal and random place probably located in the distant waves of this haven, the Internet. So I wanted to add a personal touch to it, and I want the visitors and my friends to think of me when they read the name of my site. That’s where “Bie” comes in the picture. It is one of my numerous nicknames and it has become popular as they’ve been calling me “Bie” nowadays.

I combined them together and actually liked how it sounds. It somehow reminds me of Barbie, which used to be my favorite toy when I was a kid. This famous doll has kept me company in my silent world so I didn’t mind having Rawrbie sound almost like Barbie. 🙂

Previous Names

After making random websites in my local machine, I came across a free hosting site and decided to give it a go. I was addicted to Harry Potter that time and made graphics dedicated to the fandom. My first host was Gethosted, which puts ads at the top of your site automatically. But the good thing was it had a good space and bandwidth, plus it’s free. I made the site into a graphics or portfolio site to cater my graphic designing skills. I called it Butterfly Kisses, which was created around July 2007. It was only only a subdomain, plus the name was pretty long and got bored of it after a while. I made some other sites(which are pretty dead by now) along with Rawrbie and discovered more things about HTML and CSS. My site got deleted without notice and lost all my files. Gethosted didn’t even e-mail or inform me the reason why it was deleted seeing as I was active and managing the site well.

So I moved hosts and started a new site called Hahayz, which means a very long sigh in English. It could be a sigh of sadness, depression or just boredom. It was named as such because everytime I’m bored, I’d go to my site and update or just rant about basically everything that is happening in my life. This was around November 2007 and at that time I learned a little about PHP and yet again, after a few months my site can’t be accessed and later I found out that my host moved to another host because her account got suspened, as she told me. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to have a backup and lost my files.

I stopped web designing for over a year, partly because I lost interest and couldn’t find a reliable host which offers a good amount of databases. Last summer, around June 2009, I came across bubble.nu and saw that Kya offers a free package for domains and subdomains with unlimited databases. That sparked my interest and applied for hosting. That’s when Rainbow-Sky was born. It lasted for 2 months because last August 17, 2009, I won one of Kat’s domain giveaways.

Hence, Rawrbie was created, where I moved all my files from Rainbow-Sky and continued blogging from thereon.