My love for blogging came all the way from my 15-year-old self rummaging through the web in order to successfully make a website, which was one of our projects back then. I came across sites that had my jaw drop. I was amazed at how someone could weave something beautiful just by putting images and codes together. My first ever site was a Bonnie Wright fansite that changes its background with every page. Yes, even blinking backgrounds and marquees that say “Welcome to my life” were all the rage back then. Anyone remember this? ?

Knowing the basics, I decided to tweak the CSS on my Friendster account. Coincidentally, Friendster has a blog, where you can post your thoughts or anything that is too long to be just a status update. 😉 I even went as far as creating a Myspace account just to tinker the codes and create a unique profile.

After a lot of research, I finally found a host where I could design my own site and initially wanted to host my own fansites. I got distracted as I discovered small sites where owners blog on it. My desire to having my own fansite led me to the creation of my blog, which was run on Cutenews. Shortly after, I discovered WordPress and fell in love with it.

I still wanted my fansites and eventually had my fanlisting collective called Pygmypuff(now retired and if you haven’t noticed, this is inspired by Ginny Weasley’s pet. Yes I’m a geek, I still love her), which held all of my fandoms ranging from Harry Potter, characters and ships from Korean Dramas and even music. All layouts in that collective were designed and developed from scratch. Back in 2012, I had a separate makeup blog, Glitteresque, which is also now retired.

Time eventually crept up on me and had to let go of some of my hats because you can’t be Superwoman all the time. I decided to focus on my career, which led me not to renew my sites, but I still blog all over Tumblr and even on my phone’s diary app. Being the OC that I am, I couldn’t withstand the clutter so I decided to come back with a new domain, and this time, maintain only one site.

Before OhSenyth was launched, I used to run Rawrbie, my then personal & resources blog, where I post tutorials, provide free DIV-based and WordPress layouts to fellow bloggers, and of course post about my everyday angsty life as a teenager and young adult.

Even though Rawrbie is a very dear name to me, I wanted to steer away from cutesy names (fellow bloggers who know me from Rawrbie know that I like designing my site with such cute and colorful themes) and finally settled with OhSenyth to make it more personal and to reflect the current individual that I am right now.

OhSenyth is where I will take you with me as I journey through life while sharing my penchant for beauty, food and wellness.

Feel free to read my archive, visit my fellow bloggers or drop me an email.