Should You Care What Other People Think Of You?

You got out of work, feeling positive as the sun is still up and you’ve accomplished more than enough in a day. You walk towards the jeepney stop and came across a group of snickering highschool boys, wearing faded, murky shirts, shorts and slippers. You feel their eyes on you and they laughed as you walked past them. You hear one of them say ‘what an ugly face’.

You almost stopped dead in your tracks, feeling crushed, and your happiness sucked out of you. You suddenly feel small and ugly. Maybe you should consider surgery, maybe it’s your teeth that make you look unattractive, maybe it’s your almost always closed eyes or your large nose. You suddenly don’t want to go out and meet people because of fear of being criticized and mocked. Who are they to judge you? You now feel angry. Angry at them, angry at yourself and even perhaps at your kin.

STOP! Who are those guys anyway? Do they matter in your life? While you’re analyzing what they just said, they might be already nitpicking at someone else they just passed by.

They don’t care about you or anyone and neither should you. Being stuck on something that was as trivial as that would do you no good. It’s one thing to listen to constructive criticism and another to care too much about everyone’s thoughts about you. As the old adage says, “You can’t please everybody” and it still holds true until now.

Here are my simple steps to not care about what other people think of you:

  • Be confident – once you’ve overcome your self-doubt, you will learn that you don’t need anyone’s approval in order to feel good about yourself. You are your own best judge! Other people can’t make you feel inferior, unless you let them.
  • Stopย over thinkingย – perhaps the person who said something negative towards you didn’t even realize it or didn’t mean it. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions. You cannot control people, but you can control how you react to them and feel about situations.
  • Be comfortable in your own skin – accept yourself for who you are. Insecurity stems from comparing yourself to someone else. If you find that there are things about you that you don’t like, change them for the better.
  • Learn that the world does not revolve around you – instead of trying to be perfect in the eyes everyone, focus on doing the things that mean the most to you. They too have other worries and troubles in life.