Scary Halloween Makeup Looks

I have this habit of dressing up when it’s Halloween. I like to primp and prettify myself, but I like to make myself look scary when the occasion calls for it.

Wanna see the pictures? Brace yourselves. 😀

Pretty creepy, eh? It’s my first fiddling with this one and I can say I’m quite good at makeup for scary looks. LOL.

I achieved this using an eyeliner pencil on my lids, and waterline. I also used matte black eyeshadow of Ever Bilena. As for the face, I just used a white face powder. I wasn’t able to find a white cream/paint. It was cheap though. I bought it at a local store for P42 which is about a dollar.

I used the same method only that I used a matte black, red, and purple eyeshadow to give it a “dead” look. Why matte? You don’t want to appear like a sparkling Edward Cullen right? It just sounds so wrong! Hehe. I used a black eyeshadow for contouring my cheeks to make it appear sunken in.

I honestly don’t know what I’m trying to achieve here. I think it looks scary though.

What do you guys think? 😛