Palawan Getaway

Palawan Getaway

Pardon our wacky faces 😅

Our generous CEO gave us the opportunity to travel to Palawan, all expense paid. It’s one of those moments when we can say that we were paid to travel. My heart is full, I am extremely grateful for having experienced this.

We boarded via AirSwift, the plane was really small, it almost felt like a private one because almost all of us are the only passengers, save for only 1-2 persons.

Having the whole island all to ourselves was overwhelming. It really is a beautiful place, isn’t it?
My only decent photo while kayaking. The rest were just a blurry mess… 😂

I literally kayaked the whole island twice that weekend. Needless to say, I had a good arm workout and can’t move my arms when I went back home. No regrets here though. 😆💁‍♀️

Just photos of us having fun… Just writing this and remembering all that happened puts a smile on my face.

Yo girl has two moods: fierce and cute. Oops. 😅

Where we retired for the night. The bed looks cute but my roommates and I ended up getting rid of that curtain because it gets in the way of us sleeping comfortably. 🤣

This pasta was everything. Nothing beats fresh seafood. 😍

When the scenery is too perfect, you almost don’t feel the need to edit anything. This was taken when we were heading back to the airport. Palawan just looks picturesque in every angle. There is still a lot of Philippines to explore, but I wouldn’t mind going back here.

Until next time, El Nido! 🏝