Of Peace And Time

It’s funny how I’ve always wanted to go out and spend the whole weekend with my friends during my Highschool days. I save so much of my allowance during weekdays and eventually spend it on the weekend. It’s funny how I wanted to get OUT so much to get IN. Pretty ironic, right? The thing is I don’t have money. It’s even funnier that now I have money, I just spend the weekend mostly at home. Priorities change, eh? I used to value friends more and easily give in to peer pressure during my teens.

Going to College was one of the best things that happened to me. I truly believe I took the right degree for me – not just on the education level, but also financially and mentally. Having IT degree made me earn so much more than my peers back in Highschool, who used to look down on me because I don’t have the appearance and aura of being rich (and honestly though, we are not rich).  Of course, I am not talking about my close friends in Highschool, I’m referring to the majority of our batch – they are ones who jump over hoops just to stay on top of the status quo. I also made friends with the people who have the same vibration as I do. In short, we click.

Now that I’m older, I tend to spend more time with my family – I can truly feel what it’s like to be on a holiday. 🙂 I also spend time with my friends, but instead of partying and all those other expensive alternatives, we just talk and laugh over a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes, we drink and it’s usually a memorable treat because someone gets crazy. Haha!

Maybe I am savoring time with my family because sooner or later I will have to move out to start my own. The thought still gives me heebeescreepers! Goodness! What a terrifying thought. ????

I love the idea of living a simple life. Less people involved, less drama, less expenses. Just more moments and memories to be treasured for a lifetime.