New Contact Lens!

New Contact Lens!

Because sometimes, you need to post something on your blog to remind you when you bought it and when the expiration date is. 😂

Yes, that’s me. I am a forgetful person and I tend to post things like this as a reminder. I could make an event though on my phone, but you never know when you will be changing phones, right? And I almost always don’t look at events on my phone’s calendar. Not even on Google calendar. However, I did make an entry in my planner, which I am planning to use very often now as this is one of my resolutions for 2018. It is best though that I put this on my blog for keepsake since my blog is almost always up anytime. 😉 Yes, I forget my planners and calendars, but not my blog. I actually have an entry for the expiration of my body washes, which is one of my guilty pleasures. I do collect and use them, of course.

The contact lens that I got is from Flexwear Illusions II in Sandalwood, which is dark brown and matches my natural eye color really well. The diameter is a tad bigger than my natural eye, though. It is good for one year, which means, it will expire more or less on December 16, 2018. I bought this for 590 Php.

This is my first time using the Sauflon Comfort Drops and since I don’t really use these drops that often, I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It just does its job in lubricating my eyes. I think this is sold for 79 Php only.

I used to use Solocare Aqua for my lens solution but it has been discontinued which my wallet is glad about since it is quite pricy. I am now using NEO Plus, which I bought for 169 Php.

The lens solution and the drops will both expire after 3 months, which will be on March 16, 2018.

I have used Flexwear Illusions II years ago and it is a soft lens, so I don’t have problems using it. I love that my grade has not increased at all since 2014. I am still at -3.25. Anyway, the color that I had before was Sienna.

As you can see, it looks really nice on photos and when you have makeup, but I look like on of those vampires in Twilight when I use it on my bare face, which is inconvenient because I don’t wear makeup that often, only when I feel like it. So far, I like the Sandalwood color better as it looks good on me even on my bare face.