Mistaken Identity

I’ve been known to be a frugal person, I usually save and invest my hard-earned money and tend to reward myself only after I’ve achieved a goal. Back in 2013, I was given a Louis Vuitton wallet, which I’ve always thought to be a knock-off because it’s colorful and designer brands are horrifyingly expensive here. I like the length of the wallet, just didn’t like that the card slots were too small.

So yesterday, I went to Charles & Keith to scout for a wallet and brought my LV one as reference. I am not sure why, but C&K wallets are much cheaper compared to Cath Kidston, which was my first choice as I love long wallets. I had a little chit chat with the SA who couldn’t help but ask “Is that an authentic LV wallet?”, because let’s be honest, even I couldn’t believe that I’d own something as expensive as LV. “I don’t know, do you think it’s fake?”, I asked him and went on to explain to him that it was just given to me as a present from a boutique in Dubai. He examined my wallet, rubbed the skin, and tinkered with the zipper and the details. After a while, he said “It’s authentic.” I still didn’t believe him until I visited LV’s website.

It was that moment when it finally made sense how after all these years, it still held off even if it’s been buried at the bottom of my drawers, bags sitting atop it and not being used for years — the shape was still intact, the zippers were still smooth, the leather skin didn’t rub off. Usually faux leather will peel after 2-3 years.

It’s most likely this wallet was bought on a sale as I still couldn’t believe someone would spend so much to give me a surprise gift. Or if it is fake, then it’s an incredibly good fake. I’m still grateful, nevertheless, and will use this as long as it lasts. Until then, I won’t be buying any wallets. ☺️