Jason And Andalou Naturals Haul

Definitely loving these organic products from Healthy Options! Back then in my teens, I’ve always wondered why I get pimples when I use certain products while my classmates enjoy using them. Even Johnsons BABY powder gives me pimples! Thankfully after long years of research and trial & error, I found out I have oily-combination & sensitive skin. That’s why most commercialized products that have a lot of chemicals break me out. I would have preferred these products since they’re cheaper, but they’re not good for me. Even with organic, I still have to be careful since some ingredients give me pimples, such as witch hazel.?

Anyway, I’ve been using Jason Biotin shampoo for 2 years when I decided to try Jason Jojoba. Surprisingly, this works better for my hair. It does not make my hair greasy, yet it leaves my hair very smooth and shiny. Plus, no hair fall at all! I started using this in the middle of November. I hope this will last me for 4-6 months. ??

I’m switching to Deo Spray since I’ve gotten tired of using Nivea roll-on that can’t control sweat. I like this better!! Especially since it doesn’t leave an awful residue on my clothes.

Quick thoughts on the Andalou Naturals Clarifying Line! I bought this on Nov. 14, 2015. I first used the Toner alone for 2 days, I think. Since I did not notice an adverse effect, I added the day moisturizer in the picture, and then the night moisturizer, and then boom! I got pimples on my jawline, which usually occur when I get in contact with witch hazel. 🙁

The night cream actually has witch hazel. The pimples actually itched a lot when I put it on tonight. So this night cream is top of my suspects list. Will eliminate this and still use the toner and day moisturizer. I hope no more breakouts will ensue.

The toner has witch hazel as well, but I’m hoping it’s not the cause since I haven’t found a toner that doesn’t give me pimples yet.