It's Goodbye Fandom

*sigh* If only I could stop the time. There are just some things that are out of my control. Tomorrow will be the first day of the new Semester, and I don’t know how will I sleep tonight. Darn, I’m so anxious. I don’t wanna meet it. TT_TT But I have to. And I won’t be able to post on forums a lot this time, since school is about to get in the first line.

And, I got to go to school with eyebags so BIG! It’s my fault though, because I always stay up late at night, as late as 5: 00 AM with no sleep. The main reason is I wanted to do as much during my three-week vacation, like webdesign, fandom stuffs, and graphics. But I haven’t finished them all. Guess I always have wanted to do many things, yet so little time to do it. But I’ve gotta take one step at a time. LOL. The thing that will always tire me out is that whenever I have started to work on something, I won’t stop unless I’ve completely finished it. Coz once I stop, I don’t have that willingness to work on it again. I guess, my laziness is the MAJOR reason why I don’t finish what I’ve started.

I HAVE TO CONQUER THIS FEAR!! Damn, I wish I won’t make a FOOL of myself tomorrow. I’m starting to shiver now, honestly!!

Wish me LUCK!! xPP