I Should Cheer Up

I fail!

I don’t know why I feel so down right now. T__T And I was making a layout for my NejiTen website, but I don’t feel inspired to finish it, and I don’t want to make it in such a haste, coz it will just end up not in the way I want it to. Darn, I need my inspiration. Maybe this is just the result of making four layouts, coding them, and putting content to those websites. Managing four websites is not that easy, the upcoming NejiTen website isn’t included yet xP. That pairing always makes me smile. I have butterflies all over my stomach decided to make another one tomorrow, if my darned computer will cooperate with me. I guess I’m just in a hurry. have to watch a couple of anime series before the Sembreak ends xP, I know; just slow me down.

I’m in such an IchiHime mood tonight. =P Read this manifesto if you haven’t already, but I’m not forcing you to like the pairing if you dislike it. And I can see that there are a few parallels between IchiHime and NaruHina, but I won’t mention them now. I still have yet to watch all of Bleach in order to understand more of Orihime’s and Ichigo’s character. I have just recently watch that series and became an instant fan of IchiHime, like I did with NaruHina xP. I’m not even sure if these pairings will happen, but that’s the challenge in fandoms. Shipping without knowing if you’ll win.

Same goes with love. Loving without knowing if you’ll win. I have a silly grin on my face right now. *I love his frown.* ^_^ I know, I’m a really random person.