Hurt People Hurt People

A daughter abused by her own mother for more than 2 decades, now locked up in jail by murdering her own mother, says that she feels happier and has more freedom now than ever. I couldn’t fathom the abuse she experienced while in her mother’s “care” for her to even say that. She has been abused physically and psychologically that she thought the only solution to her situation is murder.

I still believe the mother didn’t get the punishment she deserved and that she should have rotten in jail instead. However, I don’t think Gypsy is 100% innocent, she still manipulated her lover who is sentenced to life imprisonment while she got only 10 years in prison. She learned that from her own mother, whose mother also suffers from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Monsters make monsters. Hurt people hurt people. It’s a vicious cycle until someone in that cycle intentionally does something to break that cycle.

The saddest victim here is Nick, whose life was turned upside down when he met Gypsy, who betrayed him when everything went downhill, saying she doesn’t love him anymore. She got what she wanted from him (e.g., help her murder her mom) and now she disposed of him. 

I hope Nick can get a good lawyer but I heard their family is poor, they couldn’t even get a doctor to officially diagnose his multiple personality disorder. Gypsy has cognitive ability of that her own age, while Nick has none to little since he has Autism and Asperger’s. It’s jaw-dropping how one person can indeed change your life.

Maybe for Gypsy, it’s a happy ending since she got rid of her mother, she now feels free. But it really isn’t. I also hope that she gets medical treatment once she gets out of jail since she also suffers from mental illness and that she won’t become like her mother.