Here We Go Again

Even until now, I’m still listening to You’re Beautiful OST. Haha.

I feel quite relieved now because I’m done with my Assembly project, which seems like a miracle. :S I keep falling asleep in that subject and could barely understand what I wrote in my notebook. Luckily, me friend helped me understand all those. Haha. Gosh, I suck at this subject. -.-

I went home really late last night since it was our Closing Night for the TechKnow Week. I haven’t attended it since First Year and I’ll be graduating next March. Hopefully. ^^; So I would want to see what it’s like. A lot of my classmates won from the events! YAY! Some of them even sang a song and they were like rock bands. Hahaha. I love the Love Notes part, where the emcees will tell us the notes written by the audience with feelings. XD I find it really funny when one of them says “Love Noooots”, instead of “Love Notes”. Haha.

I’m fully loaded starting on Monday. I’ve got 3 school projects to finish before our Final Exam, 3 800-word essays to make and two of them are to be passed this Wednesday, not to count the exams that I’ll be having. T_T I hope I don’t look stressed or something. :S