Fly Me To The Moon

Guess what surprised me when I arrived home today: my mom and dad were packing up my grandma’s things and all the stuffs she needed because she’s being admitted to the hospital. Lately, she’s been really weak and not feeling well. T_T She’s quite the opposite of my late grandfather, who kept on fighting even if his sickness is weighing him down. I remember when I was young and my grandparents would treat me to Sunburst every after we went to Church every Sunday.

When we still had our car, my grandfather would drive us anywhere when we’re on vacation at Bohol. Our car is just a second-hand car and it’s not the best that you can find at stores, but I loved that car since it was a pick-up car and my father designed the back for us to sit comfortably. Every now and then our car would be repaired and it was really costly. They were saying that check engine light is on or something but I’m not sure if I understood anything, but I think it means different things, like a loose gas cap, which happens to our car frequently. :S I’m happy though that we didn’t experience any car accident.

I came across this auto repair site would help us maintain our car, but I’m not sure how they would do it since we’re in another country. It would probably be worth a try but seeing as our car can’t be redeemed, I can’t do anything but sit back and watch.

Anyway, this is the car that I’ve been talking about, only that its color is white. We used to ride at the back and pretend we’re playing Quidditch, trying to catch the Snitch while my grandfather was driving us. It was fun! XD Toyota Camry isn’t my dream car, but it’s my favorite Camry car. You see, I really like white cars. 😛

And this is my dream car: a Volkswagen pink beetle convertible. I would love a lighter shade of pink, but it’s the best that I can find. *drools* XD If I win the lottery and get filthy rich I wouldn’t think twice of buying it, which is highly impossible since I don’t enter the lottery. If I do end up buying it, I probably wouldn’t use it. LOL! I’ll just depend on my grandmother because she plays it everyday. XD I really wish her case isn’t as serious as I think and that she won’t stay at the hospital for long. T_T *crosses fingers*