It’s weird while I was writing this, the song Fifteen by Taylor Swift played, and when I looked the date up, it’s also Feb. 15. Haha. I’m easily amused.

I almost forgot yesterday was February 14. 😛 Belated Happy Valentines Day! How was yesterday? 😀 Mine wasn’t a usual one since I’ve gone to a date with my family LOL. Yeah, I feel better now and we’re okay. Thank you, guys! *hugs*

I did have a good one. And I was eating a lot yesterday and felt full and didn’t eat dinner. One of the places we went to was Sbarro, which is of course one of my favorite restaurants. *drools* I absolutely love their pizza! And it even surprised me how I can finish that one big slice with no difficulty at all. ^_^

I just got back from school and I’m really tired. I want to sleep but I know I shouldn’t since I still have lots of things to do and they keep piling up every day. Our teacers keep giving us projects now that end of the semester is near. @_@ End of the semester means end of all projects, stress and hardships. I could do anything I want, learn new things and drown myself in movies and TV series. ~_^

March, come here fast!

A nameless razor fusses.