An Ode to Bo’s

I’ve always snubbed Bo’s coffee before for two reasons: when I look at their menu, I don’t find their drinks interesting enough and I’m partial to Starbucks. Until my friend, Gwyn, introduced me to it. Admittedly, Bo’s only got special to because it’s where I spent time with her and got to know her while sipping on coffee. That’s when I realized “the coffee isn’t so bad”. I wasn’t even paying attention that their coffee is actually homegrown.

Today marks their 20th year in the coffee industry. I bought the ticket on Friday and had to drag my butt to the venue because I didn’t feel like going due to lack of rest. No regrets, though! It was fun and worth it.

The freebies: free-flowing coffee that you can refill every hour (this is why you have to sign their waver that you won’t die of palpitations just in case you really want to get your P100′s worth. LOL), a very yummy chocolate chip cookie, and Malagos dark chocolate bar.

After you’ve presented your ticket and registered, you’ll be given this coffee passport. If you’ve completed the 9 stamps, you’ll have a reward at the end. 😉

Here’s the event outline, btw! The event had a lot of activities, including a coffee appreciation session, which is the main reason why I bought the ticket. I did not participate however, due to my annoyance of the people before me who apparently were only there to take selfies/videos and it irritates me that they weren’t paying attention. I already know that coffee has different profiles such as aroma, body, acidity and taste, so I skipped it.

Now this caught my attention… Above are home-grown coffee seedlings/plants that you can buy for only 50 pesos. It will take up to 18 months for it to bear fruit so you really have to take good care of it and fertilize it every 3 months.

And you get this – tadah! The fruits! Peel & roast these and you’ll have your own coffee beans. They’ve always said that coffee tastes BEST when it’s freshly roasted AND freshly ground. <3

Yep, I ONLY had 2 cups of coffee. Since I’m too tired to keep lining, I only lined once to get my drink and stamp. I only got the 2nd one because my friend’s workmate don’t drink coffee and he just asked for it to make his P100 ticket worth the price. Being the addict that I am, I gladly took his drink. 😛

Us lining for our last stamp, which is the Live Music. Gwyn’s friend was joking that the first 20 persons in the line will get a special reward such a mug, which coincidentally the case. I was thankful to him because he dragged us to line with him when we were about to leave the venue. Oh, by the way, we made a new friend who photobombed our picture. 😛 We waited for an hour before had our last stamp and claimed our prize! We were actually asked to choose between a tumbler, a mug and a journal. Of course, I picked the journal. 😛

I wanted to take a peek at all the available journals so I could choose, but the lady randomly shoved this to me, saying “This is actually pricey in the store” LOL. I guess this is for me then, since it’s *ahem* a creativity journal. Do not judge this by its cover. How I wish, you could flip through the pages of this journal. 😛

Yet another surprise – while flipping through the pages, I chanced upon 2-3 pages of coupons!!!

Finally, I decided to bring this little wonder home. I asked help from the staff which one to get since I’m horrible at choosing stuff like this. Can’t wait for this tree to bear fruits. <3 Hence, patience is a virtue. 😉

This is the picture of Gwyn and I in Bo’s coffee where I got to really talk to her and know her. It feels like de ja vu. We were wearing the same shirt on different days without even talking about it. 🙂

She entered in a contest at Bo’s Coffeechella page, hoping to win me a free ticket to the event. Although we didn’t win, I felt happy knowing that she made an effort to share her thoughts and experience. Awwweee. :”>

This event made me appreciate Bo’s Coffee (yes, you’ve finally caught my heart, unexpectedly – and I appreciate it more that they’re offering coffee beans that are sourced locally). And this gives me hope – that the coffee industry in the Philippines and especially in Cebu will grow, that there will be more coffee farms, more businesses to offer coffee roasting services, more companies and organizations to conduct coffee appreciation classes. I wish that more people will come to realize that coffee is just much more than just a cup of frap that they usually order.

So Starbucks, be threatened now(kabahan ka na!), for you have a great contender right here that could possibly replace your spot in my heart. HAHA! 😛