A Color Between Red And White

Today is a really boring and unproductive day for me. The only thing I did today is paint my mom’s nails. She saw me painting mine and wants a new shade for her nails too. LOL. She has a lot of requests that made me think that she thinks I’m a pro at it or something.

My clean nails ;P

I tended to my nails after a long time probably because I suddenly remembered my messed up manicure kit. I bought new polishes anyway and I tried it out. Then I used Caronia’s Frosted Golden Mauve. I actually took a picture of it, but I don’t like posting it since the color picked up too much light, which I didn’t like. Haha.

My mom's nails

These are my mom’s nails. They look prettier than mine, IMO. XD I used Bobbie’s Glaze Margarita. I actually love Bobbie’s nail polishes, and their brushes too. Remember my SkinFood polish? I kept the bottle since I really love the brush(LOL lame reason) and I’m planning to fill it with cuticle remover or cuticle tint. I observed people at salons do this and I found it to be more convenient. 😀

Anyway, I really had a fun day yesterday but now I’ve succumbed to boredom and laziness. I better do something productive before this day ends. :S

And I apologize for those who got freaked out over my pictures in my previous entry. Oops. Somehow, your reactions made me smile because at least my efforts weren’t futile. ~_^