9 by 29

Here are the goals I’ve set for myself to achieve by the end of the year. I’m all about taking care of yourself physically, financially and spiritually.

1. Travel locally and/or internationally

I am not sure if I can have an international travel this year because I want to prioritize saving. But I would travel outside Cebu for sure, and maybe go out of town when I can.

2. Focus on saving and actually following my budget plan

Although 2018 was a pretty good year, it wasn’t so good financially. It took me a while to adjust to my monthly income and realized too late that I’ve been spending more money than I was making. So, goodbye credit cards for now and impulse buying on beauty and food.

3. Workout 5 times per week

Similar to my previous goal, I’ve also been taking in more calories than I was losing. So even though I’ve been jogging and regularly attending boxing sessions, I still feel chubby. I want to prioritize my health

4. Finish GLC 1 and not to miss any session

Oh dear, I feel so bad about this. I’ve attended this since 2016 but I lost my passport so I had to do it all over again in 2017. 2018 passed by and I still haven’t attended all sessions. I would like to finish Book 3 and Book 4 this year.

5. Find a way to somehow increase my income

It’s funny how my co-workers would tease each other when one is not able to go to work, that perhaps one is already on an interview with other companies. I am not sure if I would go that route because right now, I’m quite contented with the workload, plus not being asked to do an overtime is a bonus. But I would be a hypocrite if I say I’m fine with my current income.

6. Read at least 20 books

I read a lot of fiction last year — it’s the easiest format for me to consume books, really. So to be somewhat challenged this year, I set a goal of reading 5 non-fiction books and 15 fiction books, at the very least. As of this writing, I’ve already finished 1 fiction and currently reading 1 fiction and 1 self-help book. 😉

7. Stick with my career as a Front-End Web Developer using Angular

Yes, I jumped last 2017 from my career as a PeopleSoft developer, so I want to remind myself to stick with this decision and not to be swayed by other companies offering higher pay but not being able to do what I want to do: to be of significance in the industry as a web developer.

8. Continue being a minimalist

Last year, I’ve read about the KonMari method ang got really inspired. Since then, I’ve been paring down my closet and my shoes. My cabinet is no longer brimming with clothes I don’t wear, but I feel like I could still trim down the stuff I own, especially my shoes. I have a lot of high heels that I don’t wear but keep them because I like how they look. Also, I’ve been avoiding the beauty section of any shop so as not to trigger my addiction for lip tints and most recently for lipsticks. My room is definitely in a better state now that I own less and would like to keep it that way or even improve it.

9. Cook 10 new dishes I haven’t cooked before

I used to hate cooking 10 years ago, but I’m proud to say I’ve come to love it. Thank you, YouTube. I used to measure all the seasonings I put in my dishes, but can now wing them 😉 So this year, I would like to improve my cooking skills by learning how to cook dishes that are more appropriate for everyday meals.