2018 In Hindsight

2018 In Hindsight

Dear Japan, you had me at Hakone

It’s that time of the year when you recall how the past year played out. And doing so, invokes feelings that you had when you were going through those moments in your life.

Starting Fresh 👩‍💻

It’s been more than 5 years since I started working as a PeopleSoft developer and still find myself thinking how life will be if only I had been a web developer, something I’ve always wanted to do since I was still in College. So I decided to pull the plug and started anew in my chosen career: to be a front-end web developer. Thankfully, the company I applied in took a chance with me and what’s even more awesome is that I get to work with Angular.


It was challenging at first because I literally had no idea what Angular is and plain JavaScript is just a headache to deal with. With proper documentation though, I learned that Angular uses OOP and that makes me appreciate JavaScript. Looking back now, I wouldn’t have done this the other way. I’m so glad I jumped.

Six months later, I became a regular employee. Woohoo!

Seeing The World Through Changed Lens 📸

My current employer has been very generous to us and brought the whole company to Palawan, approximately a 1-hour plane ride from Cebu.


We stayed at Floral Island where we sang to our hearts’ content, kayaked the whole island (it was my first time, btw!), bonded, laughed and danced together.

I also had the opportunity to travel Bantayan Island and Badian with my DGroup. Appreciate these girls by sharing their life stories and lessons with me.


Apart from my job, this is also one of the year’s highlight: experienced winter in Japan. I really love cold weather, but boy did I underestimate winter. I didn’t expect my hands would still be frozen even with gloves on. No snow yet, but I’m hoping to experience it when I come back to Japan.

Seeing the “world” is a bit of an overstatement if you see it literally. But in my case, gaining new experiences and insights and having to experience the way locals live in those places you travelled to changes the way you perceive the world and makes you crave going to other more places for experience’s sake.

A Bookworm Is Reborn 📖

I’ve always loved reading books when I was still a student. Life happened and I fell out of love for it. When 2018 started, I promised myself that I would read more but just couldn’t love paperbacks for various reasons. I tried reading e-books on my PC, smartphone and iPad and they wear my eyes out quickly. I used to snob e-readers (because who needs those, right?? *kidding*), but decided to give it a try.


After getting a Kindle Paperwhite 3, I challenged myself to read 25 books and even upped it to 30 books. By the end of the year, I read 38 books, 8 of which are non-fiction and 30 are fiction (yaaas, Young Adult, Fantasy and Sci-Fi give me life).

Thank you, Kindle. You definitely re-kindled my love for reading. 😉


  1. Gained 1 year of experience as a Front-End Web Developer
  2. Improved my dancing and singing skills (thanks to my co-workers for “forcing” me by having karaoke games/sessions and dance contests)
  3. Learned how to box and ride a bike (thanks to my S.O. for teaching me how to bike)
  4. Spent time with my family and relatives last year. We definitely had a lot of family gatherings.
  5. Read a lot! And traveled significantly too.

For Improvement:

  1. Consistency in my workout schedule.
  2. Eat healthy.
  3. Save more. Truly flunked this one. 😅 I will do better this year.

2018 has been a year of career, reading and travel for me. It was wonderful! I thank everyone who has been a part of an awesome year. ❤️