2014 Recap

Here was my recap for 2013.

“The more you give love, the more love you will receive. The more you think of positive things, the more positive things will come your way. The more grateful you are, the more things you’ll have to be grateful for.” ~Senyth, December 2014

It is already 2015! Yay! I am wishing for another year full of surprises, fun and of course insights and lernings, not only for myself but also about myself and the people that matter in my life.


Became a member of IMG; purchased Kaiser K-45 Ultimate for my long term healthcare. Spent a weekend with my co-workers as our Anniversary celebration. My boyfriend and I decided to replace our 3-year-old Nokia E63 with LG L7 II dual sim. Decided to stop my whole life insurance because being the risk taker that I am, I can take advantage and control more of my money if I buy term life insurance and invest the difference in Stock Market and Mutual Fund. I also don’t have to pay a lot for the agent’s commission. As a member of IMG, I am now my own financial broker and get commission from my own products. Cool, right?


One of my close friends at work resigned and we were spending some of the days of the month pigging out with her. After processing my passport last 2013, I received mine on February 5.


Was promoted to Field Leader in IMG. Went to Manila(Subic, Tagaytay, Enchanted Kingdom with my co-workers. The trip was awesome! One of my co-workers also resigned.


I had my first international trip! I visited Hong Kong and Macau. I love the experience, getting to know the culture, including their food.


Bought 2M Term Life Insurance. Yes, I was slowly building up my financial foundation. My boyfriend was promoted to Marketing Director.


I was promoted to Assistant Marketing Director. I turned 24 this month, I celebrated it with my family and later with my friends.


My project at work ended. Went to Manila for IMG’s Annual Convention. There I met Karylle, Karina Sanchez in person and was able to hold hands with Jericho Rosales. OMFG! *fangirl moment*


I decided to put my ALFM Growth Fund to life by placing an initial investment. Started seriously tithing and amazing things happened to me, which I really didn’t expect.


My close friend from High School went here for her sister’s wedding. Naturally, we did a reunion and hang out for a day.


My ex-workmates visited Cebu and we ate at Tom’s Burger and chilled out in a cafe. Yes, we do love to eat. I also visited Hong Kong for the second time this year for a convention. My boyfriend and I had fun in White Sands as our 4th Anniversary celeberation. I opened Philequity Fund and Soldivo Strategic Growth Equity Fund accounts. I also received my first ever Credit Card from Metrobank.


I opened a Security Bank Equity UITF Account, as well as SECB Savings Account.


Attended Christmas Party at work and in IMG. Spent half of the month at home relaxing with my family. I received a salary increase this year, as well as my rating. I have APG rating, which is amazing, but to be honest, I’m somewhat expecting it.


I remember saying that 2013 was productive and I improved a lot. But 2014 topped that! I am ecstatic, happy and more optimistic. It’s like God filled my heart with gratitude, I can’t help but smile and thank Him for all the blessings He showered upon me and my family, most especially to my self-improvement. I still had a lot of room to improve, I admit, and I’m still working on that. One should never think that he’s already good enough and not learn anything because that will stall your growth and overall potential.

My biggest change this year is that I am now tithing 10% of my income every month. I remember asking God to give me a Credit Card so I can tithe more easily because some organizations only accept PayPal and credit card payments, and He did. He even gave me an eternally free for life, no annual fee, credit card. Truth be told, ever since I started tithing and maintaing my investment accounts and budgeting, I don’t feel choked or deprived as I did last 2013. And guess what, even if I had more expenses this year, I was able to save and invest more than I did last year. Amazing, I tell you!

The other big change for me is gratitude. When you are grateful, a lot more happy things will come your way. I also learned so much about Law of Attraction and how you can apply it to change your life. Mine did, and so did my circumstances. I owe this one to IMG. If I weren’t attending their meetings and doing the business, I wouldn’t have learned this.

Thank You, Lord for giving me the people I need for my improvement. You heard my prayer. You used things and people to help me achieve my goals. I love you! Mwaaaah! *hugs*