2013 Recap

It’s almost the end of the year. And I would like to do this recap so I could pat myself at the back. LOL. Kidding aside, I like to do this just to see how productive I am each month and if I achieved something great.

January – Maintained my makeup blog, Glitteresque, and got approved for Google AdSense. Hooray!

February – My boyfriend bought me a Magic Blender bullet for Valentines. As for me, I bought him a Starcraft 2 Game.

March – Our youngest brother graduated Elementary; I was promoted to SE; Got rolled-off from my first project at work; Celebrated my dad’s bithrday.

April – Got a job jar while in Bench; Planned and organized for VIE’s team building; Finished paying for my braces.

May – Went to Bohol with family; Started exercsing and drinking smoothies; Got rolled in to Pruitt by end of the month.

June – Spent birthday with family; Had an outing with friends in Oslob; Had our VIE team building in White Sands; Modelled for my colleagues’ photoshoot.

July – Celebrated my younger brother’s birthday; Finalized the team building for VIE.

August – had my first work unit at work. Haha! SQR, baby! Had our VIE team building in Rancho Cancio; Started sewing; Celebrated my mom and grandmom’s birthday; casted as HMUA for a film festival at work.

September – Applied for a BPI Credit Card; Our benefits at work was changed; Achieved one major goal for the year; Revamped my room; Cut my hair short.

October – Started tithing; Bought superfoods; Created an eLance account and had my first client – Mazin.

November – Gave my mom and dad their gadgets as their anniversary and Christmas gifts.

December – Gave my friends, family and boyfriend gifts; Applied for Growth Fund; Processed my passport; Rewarded myself for a job well done throughout the year!

Doing this is difficult, which reminds me to blog about important stuff so I can recap them easily by the end of the year. XD

2013 probably is my most productive year to date. And I intend to do better next year(contentment is rare, they say. And I agree). Listing down goals really helps. It makes me achieve my goals and be motivated. Of course, I have my ups and downs. But through them, I’ve become wiser, stronger and more decisive. Also, I am happier, more positive and more grateful. I became involved with the things around me as well(about time I realize I’ve been too focused on myself, eh?). Overall, I’ve become a better person, I’ve grown a lot.

Thank You Lord for always guiding me, for never leaving my side, for helping me be me, for assisting me in this journey of financial independence and self-growth. Hope You’ll never grow tired of doing these for me and continue to guide me in the coming years. I need You. I love You. Thank You for everything, for my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my career, my salary, my achievements, my life.