You’re Beautiful

“For someone as cool as you, she’ll definitely like you back.”
~Mi Nam

“That’s right. I’m going to trust you.”
_Shin Woo

“You were so close. If you’d taken just one more step…”
~Shin Woo

Mi Nam: Then I must be something like a moon using the light of a star like you.
Tae Kyung: But a moon is not completely useless. No matter how many other stars there are at night, the only thing I see is the moon.
MN: Hyung-nim, I can only see one special star right now.
TK: What? You said there were a lot of stars.
MN: There are, but only one star is twinkling so handsomely. I can only see that star.
TK: There is a star like that?
MN: Yes, it is a star that many people love. Do you think it would be wrong for me to be one of the many people that like that star?
MN: Do you really need permission to like something like that? Ask the star. I’m sure you can see it.
MN: Yes. I am looking at that star. Would it be okay, to like it?

“Can my heart really calm down in an hour? For this one hour, I like you, Go Mi Nam.”

“For the company’s reputation and her safety, I acted cool. But it’s really hard to be cool.”
~Shin Woo

MN: I can see stars from anywhere so even if I’m not here, I will always be able to see you.
TK: I can’t see you very well. It frustrates me not to be able to see you. So don’t be at a place where I can’t see you, Go Mi Nam.
MN: Even if I am standing right here, you can’t see me very well.
TK: I can see. I can see enough to know that you are there.
MN: Can you really see me?
TK: Yes. I am looking at you. So when it’s dark, stay within this distance so I always can see you.

“I couldn’t confess it even once. But I think I have been rejected about hundred times. Now even if I am rejected for real, I don’t think I will be embarrassed.”
~Shin Woo

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