You’ll Be Safe Here

This is definitely my last post for 2009. I feel a mixture of emotions thinking that I’d leave this year behind. For others, a new year might be an increment to their age, but I’m not worried about my age. I’m actually happy that another year is hopefully added to my life. Though I would be writing ‘2010’ on my school works when the clock here hits 12: 00 AM, memories of this year will always remain, and yes, even the bad ones. I have learned not to think of it as crappy capture of photographs, but rather a lesson to be learned and remembered. Mistakes I made this year actually helped me grow as a person. That is why even this world we have isn’t perfect.

I am happy this year, like the previous years. I’ve learned some things; things they would teach at school and more importantly, those they don’t teach at school. I’ve had adventures and explored more of this world, I’ve had uninspired and down moments where I would want to climb and grab my momentum, I’ve had love. Yes, my messed up love life, my oh so cliche type of love life that made me feel that it’s me against the world because of this guy I terribly like, who doesn’t give a damn and yet, everyone around me keeps telling me that I’m freaking crazy.

I’ve grown up in terms of web design, I guess, even though I stopped designing for a year or two. I’ve had my comeback last July when I got hosted by Kya. I won a total of 5 domains already and that’s enough for me now. Winning more would be more than what I could manage so you can tell I’m not joining domain giveaways for now. It took me two days to decide on my a domain name that I recently won. It never crossed my mind that coming up with a .nu name was this terrifying. XD Thank you, Kya! <3

I’m not an expert on cooking and I’m far as being called a rookie, but I learned some recipes this year, which is an achievement since I rarely go to the kitchen and help. Oops.

I am a Catholic and I am not ashamed to thank GOD for my happy and stable life even though at times it feels totally messed up that it needs cleaning up, yet I can’t even lift a muscle. And I thank Him for my family and friends, for the lessons I learned, for the blessings He gave me. For simply giving me this world to cherish even just for once. 🙂

So, I greet you all with a traditional “Happy New Year, Everyone”! Let’s greet 2010 with a BLAST!