You Got The Fire That Makes My Heart Go Boom Boom Boom

We just had a test on our Advanced Java. The test looked really simple and brief, it was just about Inheritance, Interface, and Lists and we have to define the four classes that our teacher has specified. Because of its simplicity, we were confused on what he really wanted us to do and how to connect those classes. D: I passed my paper with a big question mark on my face. Brrrr. FAIL.

Yesterday, as my friend, Jen, said “the world seemed to stop” when he looked at me. God, I felt like an idiot. I was jumping up and down like a child just before I knew he was there and he instantly looked at me. It’s like he always sees me at my worst, and never at my best. @_@There’s a difference anyway between childish and child-like, and I’m more of the latter. :music

Just now, my Mom was talking about my credit card. The limit on it was only P2500, which is about $50, more or less. She was telling me that she’d raise it to $84. XD And she mentioned that she saw a pink Samsung cellphone and I was like “You can buy it for me”, which was a joke and she replied “Yeah, and you’d lose it again”. Haha. I’m glad that my stupidity didn’t cause much chaos, and that she and my father are okay with it now.

I really appreciate, you guys, for taking the time to read my previous long blog post. You know who you are and thank you for reading it. <3 And I felt dissapointed for those who didn't, who just commented without even giving their opinion about their first time's, and I felt even more disappointed when some of them are my affiliates. That's why "affiliates" and "link exchanges" seem like a label to me now. Actually, there are bloggers who aren't my affiliates but they leave me with nice and post-related comments. <3 And if you've wondered why I don't blog everyday, it's because I don't want to think that blogging is a chore. Yeah, that's my principle when it comes to blogging. ~_^ BED November was really interesting and I wanted to do it, but I didn't pursue since I knew well enough that I'd feel that I have to do it and it doesn’t feel right. I hope you guys aren’t blogging just because you have to. If you feel like blogging just to fill space because you were worried that your blog isn’t updated even after 24 hours, then don’t blog at all.

Blog because it makes you feel at ease. Blog because you love doing it. Blog because you have a purpose. 😀

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  1. Lol, I had the same experience about my Trigonometry exam last year. So now, I don’t like it when the exam looks easy at first. XD I hope the next exam’s going to be okay. Haha.

    Gosh, I know what you mean about a person always seeing you at your worst. That happens to me a lot. T_T It’s sad, really. Oh well, good luck to both of us and I hope people would see us at our best more often. :haha But yep, I’m more child-like than childish.

  2. Aw thank you Senyth! 😀 I smiled when I read your sentences 🙂 Yeah growing one year older doesn’t mean a year less to our lives. What a great point XD

    Yeah I also rarely do site-related updates. I just feel so lazy and I need to study for my exams XD I still have three exams left anyway. Ugh I really hate how exams last for three weeks here in my school.

    WOOO I love bangles too! 😀 I’m looking for them online, but I think the ones sold in Indonesia is much cheaper than other countries, so I might buy it in local stores then 😛 Haha.

    Haha yeah, my classmates sang me a birthday song in the class and when the teacher heard it, she was like… WTF, my students were singing in my mathematics class. LOL XD

    Haha yeah it’s kinda hard for Asian people to pronounce “th” XD I’m proud of not belonging to that group 😛 Haha *evil laugh*

    Yeah I was supposed to have Japanese food for dinner tonight, but unfortunately I didn’t 🙁 My dad took me to a western restaurant instead. Gah 🙁 It’s okay for me though, as it’s my favorite restaurant too 😀

  3. The Java tests I took made me dizzy.

    1. Sometimes our professor would give as a screenshot of the output and we’d have to write the codes for that or sometimes it’s the other way around.
    2. She would give us a very long set of codes and we will have to find the errors.
    3. She would give us a set of codes with blanks and we have to fill it up.
    IT’S SO STRESSFUL! And Java is always our first class. When we go out of the comp lab, our non IT friends would tease us because all of us are not in the mood for talks or jokes because we still cant get over the thought that WE ARE FAILING THE TEST AGAIN! 😐 Good thing we dont have Java classes now. 🙂

    It sucks when my crush see me acting like a child. HAHA. Sometimes he’d caught me jumping too and when I see him around, my face would really turn red and I’ll be like, “Kill me now.” HAHAH.

    Congratulations on your credit card! I never had a credit card. HAHA. Although my Dad gave me a debit card. He always puts money on it. It currently has 60k+ (not bragging… read on. ü) but I dont really use the money for my personal “wants” because the debit card is linked to his international card (singapore) so he can keep track of my withdrawals. I dont want him to feel that I’m taking advantage of his generosity and trust. So whenever I withdraw money, I ask for his permission first and I tell him why. So basically, the money is just there ~~ unspent.

    I agree with you. Blogging is not a chore. A blog is a blogger’s outlet of pain, happiness and other emotions AND NOT A RESPONSIBILITY. Well yes, it’s our responsibility to keep our contents safe and bash-free but we are not obliged to post every single day. And yeah, I hate it when people leave comments without reading everything. It annoys me. 😐

    If I dont consider that stolen kiss a kiss, then my first kiss is so romantic because it was from a person I ?. x3

    Link exchange is just really a label now. Some ask for link ex for the sake of having a long list of links. I dont know whats up with these people. Grr!

  4. Sorry for the very long comment. I read it after submitting it and I kinda laughed to myself because it feels like I made your comment page my blog page. Haha. 😀

  5. Just be happy that the test is over. I’m happy because my yearly exams are done. LOL. That’s all I can say.

    Jen reminds me of this teacher from my school. Mrs. Kelly. I’m usually a goody two shoes sort of person but everytime I do something bad (like scream out something about Nazis or try to trip a guy over) she’s always there. She sees me when my behavior is at its worst.

    I will read your previous blog post and try to post a comment before I fall asleep. I am your affiliate and I should act like one too. I’ve been quite inactive lately T_T ehh sorry about that. But anyways, expect a comment from me soon!

    Blogging can become a chore if you force yourself to do it when you don’t really want to. I don’t think I could blog every day for a month because I don’t have a lot of time on the computer and that would leave too many unreturned comments LOL.

    I’m going to read your previous blog now. And possibly some more. 🙂

  6. Yeah, most of time our teacher is like that too. She writes codes and explain so and so without even asking us if we understand a thing. 😐

    Yeah, he does love me a lot. 🙂 Me too, I dont want to spend his hard earned money for my luxury. I usually buy my stuffs with my allowance. 😀

  7. Oopsie, I think I forgot to comment about your current blog post in the previous comment. Sorry D:

    Ooh I agree with you 😀 Yeah blogging doesn’t sp

  8. Oopsie, I think I forgot to comment about your current blog post in the previous comment. Sorry D:

    Ooh I agree with you 😀 Yeah blogging doesn’t suppose to be a must. It’s just to share our offline life and write down our minds and ideas. I also blog when I feel like doing it 😀

    YAY for procrastinating! 😀 LoL I know it’s not something to ‘yay’ for, haha, but I also procrastinate a lot D: My brother told me not to procrastinate more, but I think I can’t do that *duh* Screw my laziness!

    Yup, online stores are too expensive sometimes, especially the shipping fee 🙁 I’m afraid Multiply online stores are fake, lol, aren’t they?

    Ah yeah I’m from Indonesia 😀 And Bahasa Indonesia is my language for sure XD LOL Flood in Indonesia? HAHA XD Yeah few words in Bahasa can be translated to Tagalog wrongly and vice versa 😛 Like how Filipinos say I love you in Tagalog, they would say mahal kita which means “We’re Expensive” in Indonesia 😛 Woot! Haha.

  9. Air-conditioning?! :O Haha. I couldn’t even imagine having the air-conditioning on right now. Though, I do have a fan on every night when I sleep, haha. I couldn’t sleep with out. I need the noise or something.

    Copying from classmates? 😛 Bad Senyth. Haha. I use to do that in high school all the time, but I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to do it now.

    I’m kind of proud of myself for blogging just because I WANT to. I use to blog only once a month, and when I did blog it would be because I felt like I HAD to.

    I guess my first phone kind of has a sentimental value also. I actually still have it. It doesn’t really work or anything though. I let my little cousin play with it, haha. He enjoys it because he thinks he’s actually talking on a working phone. Plus then I don’t have to worry about him getting a hold of my working phone. 😛

    Well, at least the test is now over! 😀

    That’s pretty awesome about your mom raising the limit on your credit card. I’ve never had a credit card, which is probably a good thing. 😡

    Affiliates has definitely become just a label. I have affiliates on my list that haven’t commented my blog in months. They probably wouldn’t even notice if I took them off my affiliates list.

  10. you think you have guy troubles up there ! remember that guy who was such a jerk to me? well, we ended up going out for…24 hours. and he said I didn’t act like I liked him, so he broke up with me and said, “it won’t work out.” now he’s being super mean…& once again it sucks. but I hate it when a guy only sees you at your worst and not at your best 🙁

    a virgin margarita is a margarita without the alchohol.

  11. Haha, yes I can’t even imagine. It was sooo cold tonight. I went out and I had on gloves and a sweatshirt and a winter coat and boots. Brr.

    I’m in need of an affiliate clean up, also. Even though I sort of just had a affiliate clean up when my WordPress got all messed up. But still, people that I’ve added back just contacted me long enough for me to add them back to my list, and I haven’t heard from them since. -.-

  12. Firstly to your blog! I can’t believe some people, let alone ‘affiliates’ just left some short and not very interesting comments on your site. I’m saying that to be polite. But when commenting on a blog you should have something to say, otherwise it is best that you don’t say it.

    I don’t blog every day. I used to blog more often last year, every day in fact. Now I only blog every second day. It’s become a little bit of a regular thing for me. But I agree. You should not feel like you need to or have to blog every day, or even frequently.

    Personally, “Blog Every Day November” pissed me off. I’m not naming names but there were some people who struggled with it and wrote really short, pointless blogs, saying that they were just blogging to keep up. I thought that was very pathetic. A blog is like a diary – a “web log”. You should only write in it when you want. These challenges are making blogging seem like a novelty fun way of posting random crap… I don’t know how else to put that.

    I’m glad your parents are over it! In the end it was all just an accident and a mistake. It happens. 🙂

    That test doesn’t sound too good… but I hope you did well on it anyway!

    Haha I’m glad I don’t do that… it wouldn’t be a very good impression to pretend to do something.

    Diamond is a lovely person. She’s very kind and friendly and I think she is really quite genuine. She’s used vulgar language when angry or when we have both rambled about something we both hate. But she is very friendly and that is why I was shocked to think that this was her. It was all very weird and blown apart.

    That other person has stopped and I’ve not heard from them again, and Diamond has gone back to her studies as she did before.

    We are fine, thank you! 🙂 I emailed her to apologise and she was overcome with shock as well. She gave me an explanation but I’m sure she’ll blog about it when she gets the chance.

    Rickrolling! You need a link:

    It’s when someone sends you a link which turns out to be a link to Rick Astley’s song. 😛

    Definitely not – you can’t *love* someone online. I know you can make bonds and so on, become closer, meet in person later, but your friend sounds pretty immature to have done such a thing over the forums. O.O

    I love seafood! 😀

    *hugs* you’re welcome! 🙂

    Haha an EP… ERRR… *googles* it means extended play. So it’s a compilation of songs, a small one. An album has a lot of songs but an EP has a small amount. 🙂

  13. I know, I’m so so so excited!! It’s going to be a dream come true, totally! You just summed it up for me, it’ll be breathtaking, I’m gonna get like loads more memory cards and maybe invest in a new camera because it’s once in a lifetime after all! I’m on chapter 7 now of twilight, I like it theres alot of detail in there thats not in the film but thats to be expected…I don’t really like Edward in the book though, I prefer him in the film, in the book he’s far too cocky but I’m only 7 chapters in so that may change yet:D eepp, I’m sorry I didn’t get chance to read your last blog, when I replied last time I had a really bad headache so focusing on the screen would have possibly made my head explode 😮 I’m sorry:( I know what you mean about the affiliate thing, some don’t bother with you & it’s like why are you my affiliate again? sheesh, I’m sure you passed that test ^^ with a site like this, who couldn’t?

  14. Yeah, some multiply stores are fake and some aren’t. Anyway, have you ever shopped online before? I have bought a small gift online and it turned out to be so expensive D: local stores FTW! 😀

    Oh anyway, do you know any good songs? I want to download more songs to fill my iPod memory, lol xD tell me if you know some!

  15. *Sigh* Senyth, we have the same perception about blogging! I already like you. *giggles*

    Gah, Advanced Java. It sounds hard. Good results, yes? I hope!

    Soo you already lost a phone? Bad girl. Was that an accident?

  16. Aw, I’m sorry for missing your last blog, and I feel guilty that I can lie to my parents so many times and still sleep at night D:

    I think child-like is better than childish. And it’s lucky that you’re catching his eyes, eh? ^_^

  17. *hugz* dear! i’m so sorry for not commenting on your last post! Drat sleepy and busy me! *hugz* I can feel your pain because I also hate lying to my parents and I remember my first sleepover too! It was just last year… and how my cel phone fell into the the depths of the sewer and how my dad got it XD XD but I really feel your pain. I can’t lie to my mom, I just can’t so even if it’s bad I’d smile like this 🙂 innocently and tell them my bad deed XD haha! it’s a childish habit I guess XD haha

    Lolz! your encounter with your crush *i think it’s a crush? haha!* sounds so much like my prof’s except he GRUNTED when his crush said Hi to him XD it was soo funny! haha I’d sometime just get lost too if my crush looks at me XD haha

    And whoot! your mom is cool! 😀 hehee

    I agree that blogging is for fun and for a hobby, but I have other reasons too for blogging… it’s to meet and interact with other online people too. Call it cyber relationships but I somehow can speak more 😀 haha!

    Oh by the way, JOIN MY DESIGNER PANDA CONTEST!! PLS?? PLS??? haha! 😀 I swear you can still join! 😀 I’ll extend the contest actually 😀

  18. 2Ne1 song as your blog title? I LUH YOU. ^.^ LMFAO. I love 2NE1 as you know. :haay

    I don’t like blogging much either. I do it like 2 times a week now. It does feel like a chore doesn’t it? 🙁

    GRR…GUYS. I seriously don’t get it when we girls fall head over heels for them and act stupid, they should do that not us. 😕

  19. Imma extend it up to December 15 😀 So in time for voting and all! 😀 and I hope I’m not going to be that busy that weekend, have to get a winner by 18 or 19 so I can immediately add the winner’s order 😀 hehee YEY!! Thanks for deciding to join! 😀

  20. THANKYOU. THANK YOU. Your so sweet, Senyth! Yeah, I finally did it. Yay. I guess acting is what I wanna do now. 🙂

    Lol. Sandara is so cute, on the picture, she’s showing you an autumn leaf and hiding behind a tree at the same time. Bless. 🙂 Did you know that, Sandara gets pissed of if you call her SSSANDARA. Lol.

    I know right, boys, boys, boys. Hmph, they never change. -sigh-

  21. I’ve got my Uggs. 😀 I love them, they’re pretty much the only shoes I wear now.

    Yay, for cleaning your affiliates list. If those people never contact you or comment on your blogs then they shouldn’t have been an affiliate anymore anyways, so don’t feel too bad! 😛

    And that was very random, but thanks! 😀 Haha.

  22. I am new to ya blog and I actually like reading ya blog – it keeps my interest unlike some blogs which only talk about contests and HOW TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK ON THE NET…

    I luv reading blogger’s blogs who write about real life stuff as than I know am not the only soul who is very much real who blog bout true life events and stuff.

    I am looking for affiliates and link exchanges but I come to realize that if am new to a blog it is rude to not only just read their blog and comment on it but it is rude to ask for link exchange and affiliation as it will make me look as if am only after blog promotion which is not me or not my style as am looking to make a few new friends in the process…true genuine friends.

    That is awesome that your mom extended your credit card maximium spending balance. And a Pink Samsung cell -what I would give to have one of those. I actually seen a Pink Blackberry that Sprint has – that I want. Once I get a job am goin to pay off my debt to them and get one. Hopefully that will be soon 😀

    Hey tis nothing wrong with being a bit childish – makes the world a much better and happier place if you ask me!

    Have a nice day hun!

  23. Hehe, virtual hugs are cool 🙂

    I just wish my dad would realize that! But he already regrets what he said because of the other three tests I got back on Friday. I got two 9’s and an 11 in my English test.. yep, English is probably one of my best subjects xD

    I might have overused some words.. and dad maybe didn’t use the exact same words, but the message was the same no matter what.

    Oh. poor you! But at least you have somebody you can ask if you don’t understand something. My dad has no clue about the type of math we are doing.. there are just too many x’s and a’s and e’s and what not.. I want my old math back 🙁

    I don’t like them either. But if they feel like that, they just shouldn’t say it out loud. I also don’t know why some people really force themselves to blog..

    Haha, isn’t it always like that? When you tend to do something “stupid” he will see it, but if you are showing your best behaviour – he won’t. That’s not fair at all. And there is definitely a differene between childish and child-like. I hope I am in the second one for sure. I am just the biggest kid at heart and probably always will be.

    Haha, really seems like your mum is “cool” with what happened to your mobile phone. I hope she will still be once she knows the truth.

    And yay for having a bigger limit soon 🙂 That would be awesome!

    URGH. I know what you mean. Sometimes regular visitors who aren’t even affiliates leave you those really nice and always blog related comments and just warm your heart. And then some affiliates just rush through their comment just for the sake of leaving a comment.

    I guess some people got scared off the longer blog post. I guess some of us (me included sometimes) are too lazy to read long blogs. I am not really sure if I commented on your last blog anymore.. it’s too long ago.

    I hope you did good on that test! We have a teacher like that too… he will give like a lot of points on a certain task in the test and you wonder how much he expects you to write.. I hate it!

  24. haha…too much breaking and mending.

    x( I’m one of those people who reads the blog, posts a reply to a comment, and then writes about their post. but sometimes I forget :/ .

  25. :haay No problem ~_^
    Thank you! *hugs*

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for entering 😉 Entries are a little slow right now. 😛

    Gaaah. Let’s hope you did well 😀

    I hate that! This one really annoying girl is always seeing me at the worst of times. D:

    Well at least you have a credit card >_< My parents will never ever EVER want to get one for me. Not that they would ever give one to me right now, obviously since I'm only 12, lmao. You lost your phone already? That's not good Lol. My sister looses it as LEAST 5 times a day, no joke.

    Aww, I'm sorry! I missed your last blog. I've been a bit lazy.. D; Ugh. I absolutely hate it when people leave comments on blogs having nothing to do with the blog, and it looks like this: "hi cool site visit my site sometime" It's really annoying y'know? Know I feel like I'm starting to get off topic. ??

    I could never blog everyday. I would run out of things to say, since my life is pretty boring at the moment. I thought about trying the blogging every day, but I could never do it. Like you said, it would start feeling like a chore, which I do not want to happen.

    See you soon Senyth 🙂

  26. I think boys always see us at our worst. They’re the ones who always make us do stupid things and just see us make a fool out of ourselves and it isn’t right. Sometimes I wish we could trade spaces one day. Let them be the girls and us be the guys then maybe they’d understand.

    You know I never once thought about there being a difference between childish and child-like. I’ll have to look into that because I am constantly calling people childish, boys to be exact (:

    I use to wonder why some people blog every single day. To me it’s like what’s the point. I think that’s for people who have entirely too much time on their hands but that’s just my opinion.

    I do agree with you though. You should blog because you want to and not because you have to. It’s isn’t a chore, just simply a hobby.

    In reply to your comment, they killed him we think because of his expensive tires. Translation, no reason at all. He didn’t deserve that, his family didn’t either because he didn’t do a thing wrong!

    I wish I could celebrate my 16th at the beach, the pool or maybe even a picnic but it’s winter here so those are a big NO-NO. Thanks for the suggestion though (:

  27. I have accidentally deleted your comment when I was deleting the spams. It was in the spam folder eh. I dont know why. 😐 I thought naapprove ko na before ko delete yung spam but when I was looking for it na to read it sana, wala na. 🙁 Sorry. 🙁

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