You And Me

My passport essential HD It’s been a long time since I haven’t used my external hard drive. I don’t really want to use it because it’s too big for me. LOL. I used to own a My Passport Essential WD hard drive that looks exactly like the picture beside, but me, being silly plugged the wrong side of the USB and even forced it to fit into the jack, which rendered it pretty defective. My dad was against me buying it because he felt that it wasn’t durable enough. So when I told him about what happened to my hard drive, he scolded me and went off to have it replaced. I would have wanted a new one, but instead he got me a HHD for desktop computer and bought a casing for it. Anyway, I was still thankful it got replaced because it was totally my fault. LOL.

I really don’t like plugging it into a power supply. It’s quite inconvenient and I couldn’t carry it anywhere. I’m glad I have something to store my movies and other stuffs too. It’s quite useful anyway now that I have my laptop. 🙂

I just discovered that WD released new colors for their passport line of external hard drives. I’m jealous. LOL. I’d buy when I run out of space to store all my files. Majority of the files I have are music, movies, Asian dramas and anime since I don’t like streaming online because I love watching them again. Heehee. Our internet is pretty slow so I just ask my classmates to download them for me. XD

Speaking of movies, I just had the courage to watch The Grudge and it’s definitely scarier than The Ring. I have The Grudge 2 and 3 here but haven’t watched them. I’m afraid I’ll be more paranoid than I already am after watching part 1. Haha.

If you’re wondering about the title, I was listening to Lifehouse while making this post and this reminds me of someone as well. ^_^

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  1. I have a WD too, I think! But it’s black, and it’s a desktop one. They come cheaper than portable ones. I have a one terabyte one. I don’t need to carry it around, so I’m fine with it. I just store things on it, like movies that I am not going to access all the time, and old programs and songs. xD

    I want a coloured drive! The passport line looks really nice, too. 🙁 Oh well. I spent enough on this hard drive. ^^

    I haven’t seen The Ring but I have read the book, which is really good. 😀

  2. I was just talking to my friend the other day that I have managed to not buy an external hd for several years and I think I should be getting one soon. I’m not the type who keeps music and movies in my laptop. I often just delete them lol.

    Wow. I’m not brave enough to watch those movies =\

  3. Lol! That’s a rather funny story about your external harddrive. I myself make mistakes when I’m plugging electronics into sockets, but when it doesn’t fit I stop myself and ponder if it will fit before I ruin it. I’m always paranoid about pushing things into the wrong socket haha. Super nice of your dad to get it replaced real quick though 🙂 I know some parents would say, “It’s your fault, now you’re not getting another one” 😛

    Wow, The Grudge is scarier than The Ring? I haven’t seen The Ring, but I’ve seen The Grudge and I always imagined The Ring was scarier, lol.

    (P.S. I used to put “You and Me” on repeat when I had a crush on my now 3+ yr boyfriend :))

  4. Hey! Your emoticons are so cute. (:

    Oh yeah, I have to have an external disk drive because my laptop doesn’t have a place to put CDs in it. It’s the only fault with my laptop, but luckily it is an easy fix.

    Yours is definitely much more stylish than mine. I love the color! The first external disk drive I got a couple of years ago broke easily too. The place where the plug went in on the external drive got loose when it was in my backpack one time, so I had to get a new one. My new one is really good though! But that same one that broke had to be plugged in to a power supply as well, so I know how annoying that is.

    Sounds like a good collection of stuff! ;D I don’t have that much music or any movies on my laptop, so I don’t think I will ever get to have an awesome colorful external hard drive.

    Oh dear. I watched the second Grudge in seventh grade before a school day I had a math test in. It did not turn out well. Since then, however, I have gotten much better about watching scary movies. I think I like the second Grudge better than the first and third. It was really good. xP

    1. @Juniper,

      I tried commenting on your site, but it gives me an error. O_o I’ll just post my comment here, hope you don’t mind:

      Nice contest! 🙂 I love the prize and I’m sure a lot of people want the unlimited reseller. I won one last year and it wasn’t of any use to me since I’m not interested in hosting LOL Good luck on your web hosting venture. 🙂

      Err, I personally don’t prefer contests that have something to do with voting, because it’ll turn into a popularity contest, losing the purpose of art, unless popularity is something that you consider art. Haha.

      At least you tried, right? 🙂 There’s always next times. 🙂

      Wow, you’re really a nature-lover. 🙂 I really apprecite it. The turtle looks so cute. I love taking pictures of nature too.

      1. What kind of camera do you have? ~a Canon digital camera. I wish I could own a dSLR when I graduate. ^-^
      2. What school subject do you have the most homework in? ~Hmm, we rarely have homework, and the only teacher who bothered is our Economics teacher.
      3. What school subject do you have the least homework in? ~can’t remember. Hahaha.

      Aww, is your laptop a netbook? Hooray for external disk drives. They just saved you from boredom and everything. 😀

      I’m still paranoid about The grudge 1, even though it’s been ages since I watched it. T_T It was the scariest horror movie I saw so far. Don’t wanna watch 2 and 3. LOL.

  5. If you watched the original Grudge, YES, it is scary… Try watching One Missed Call (the original) or Old Boy — seriously scary and mentally scarring.

    I have an external hard drive and I store everything on it too, it’s a life saver.

  6. hi there i love ur site.. its so unique especially ur layouts. i love my external hard drive, i just put on it what i dont want to lose if my laptop just suddenly crashes. i dont take it out anywhere im to nervous that one i might lose it or two someone will take it lol.

  7. That’s fine! I just fixed the commenting problem.

    Thank you! Oh, sorry. I was considering offering an unlimited shared package to the second place winner. Would you be interested in that? But thanks. ^^

    Actually, the one that I really want to win is an anonymous contest, where you don’t know who made which graphic. But I understand what you mean. I don’t like those either. /: True! Trying is always good.

    Thank you. (: Yes, the turtle was very adorable. I would love to see some of your nature photography!

    I have a Canon, too! Oh, I would love a DSLR. Too bad they are too expensive for my no-income life. Dx

    Really, no homework? That is so awesome! Haha, I want to come to your school. xD

    No, it’s a Lenovo tablet. The only bad thing about the computer. :3 They did indeed save me from boredom! All the time. And they let me install Photoshop on my laptop. ^^

    Yes, the Grudge 1 is pretty everlasting. o: Well, luckily you don’t have to!

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