Last night, I was planning in sleeping early because lately, I lack the luxury of doing so. But then my alarm went hayware and said that it’s EmeralHosting’s twitter contest. When I logged on my twitter, it was 7 hours before the contest and it’s 6 pm and my time. That means it would start in about 1 am, and ends at 2 am. I was thinking of not joining anymore due to the time and I have classes at 7: 30 am the day after that. I was thinking of sleeping at 8 pm but then I remembered I have to at least code one number from our Java exercises, so that put me to the computer once more. When I was finished it was about 12: 30 or something. I thought since I’m up that late already, I should give it a try.

Today, I was kinda depressed because even though I did code for our exercise, I wasn’t able to let our teacher check it because I modified the errors and ran out of time. I went home sad this afternoon and thought of the contest. I thought I possibly couldn’t win it because there are so many members who are way faster in answering than I am. I read my twitter updates and absent-mindedly read the winners of the contest.

And guess what? I was one of those! I’m glad I did join because I practically won the domain! YAY for me! It’s a .info domain, which is my very first, so I’m going to keep it. 🙂 If you’re asking for the URL, well.. It’s a secret for now. 😛

Life has its ups and downs, it’s true. I’m glad something good happened to counter my bad experience this morning.

This time, I’m plugging Cristina for giving me the awesome opportunity to win it. She has a new contest going on in the forum that has just started. Anyone can join. Yes, you. You can join too.

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