Worth The Wait

I’ve been listening to Jordin Sparks lately and this song really caught me. <3 I can relate to it somehow. And yup, I'm using my laptop right now. Weeee. It doesn't have a lot of applications. My external hard drive is acting up stupid so I can't unstall programs yet since I've placed most of the installers there. I have only been using this one for building up the site that I previously mentioned. XD We bought some cheap laptop accessories last week and I’m proud to say that I found a strpied pink mouse pad. It’s also like a picture frame since you can put a picture in it too. I was amazed myself when I examined the stuffs we bought at home. XD I want to buy a laptop skin, but they were out of stock. And a pink laptop bag would have done good, but I didn’t find one. D: Oh, well. I’d buy them one of these days.

I just have to stop asking things from my parents. Sometimes I feel like I’m asking too much, though, I didn’t ask for a laptop. But I admit, when I was still studying High School, I keep on visiting computer shops to see if there’s a new model or brand out in the market. XD

Yeah, I had to wait for like 5 years or so just to have one and it’s definitely worth it!

2 thoughts on “Worth The Wait”

  1. Computer accessories are always fun to buy. I love buying them. I don’t have a laptop but I know I’ll get loads of pretty bags or cases etc for it.

  2. I’m glad it was worth the wait! This reminds me… for years I had the same old mobile phone, and finally my parents decided to give me an iPhone… that was worth the wait, I didn’t buy any crappy phones before that, like any crummy camera phones and whatnot. 😀

    I wanted a skin for my laptop but they didn’t seem to have any. A purple one would be nice!

    That mousepad sounds awesome! 😀 I hope you’re having fun with your laptop.. hopefully getting some good new programs too. 😛

    I don’t think I should feel guilty for my parents. I don’t really ask for much and they don’t buy me expensive things (technology gadgets) very much. 🙂

    Thank you for the comment! 😀 *hugs* I am really happy haha. ^_^

    I feel relieved when I just scrape past a good grade. XD I don’t want to fail, if I do badly in a few assignments I’ll try and pull it together for the last ones. It’s like a reality check when you get a bad mark.

    I would love to marry my current boyfriend… dreams there, for sure. XD XD XD I wonder who’s going to make a fanclub; you should start one LOL :’)

    I KNOW, I KNOW SENYTH. D: I am soooo scared of going into labour and just having pains when pregnant… going through all that sounds terrible and not something I want to think about right now. ;O

    You’re welcome! :B LOL when I got my laptop… I just wanted to move EVERYTHING over. I moved my photos and all my music – it was huge and took ages. XD

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