WOAH! I’m Freaking Back?!

…and I am still using this good ol’ layout. Who knows I’d change it after 2 months? Or after 1 semester? Or tomorrow? Teehee.

The semester has finally ended just last week and I got lost with all those KDramas and movies that I forgot to deactivate Maintenance Mode and blog. *facepalm* And I’ve been kidnapped by Pet Society once again to beat with. 😛 I’ve been playing this game since last year and it’s the reason why I joined Facebook. LMAO! I stopped playing it since the first semester started but I’m back now and I missed lots of things while I didn’t play. If any of you plays this game at Facebook and would like to be my neighbor, I’d gladly add you to my list. ^.^

I guess I’ve been out of touch in here for far too long, but I’m back now. School was really stressful, I’m so glad I made it and didn’t die because of all the work I did for the last 3 weeks of school, not to mention I did 4 projects in just one week. :O

Speaking of which, my friend invited me just now to have a Scholarship with Aboitiz, if I got it right. It’s like a Leadership Training and we have to take an exam as a elimination process. I don’t really know if I want to join or not, but she mentioned about touring around AND outside the Philippines as part of the training which really made me interested. But I’m actually afraid of the training itself and the exam. It’d be such a shame if I fail. T_T So I don’t really know if I’d join or not.

So much for school, I can say I’m enjoying the sembreak so far. YAY! No more sleepless nights and stressful days. Bleeeeh! Bahaha.

There isn’t anything new about the site ever since I left. Are you guys getting bored of this site? LOL.

28 thoughts on “WOAH! I’m Freaking Back?!”

  1. WHATA ARE YOU ON ABOUT HUN? YOUR SITE ROCKS AND THIS LAYOUT IS AWESOME. It’s one of my favs that you’ve made! 🙂
    WOW, good luck with everything hun!You wont fail trust me and I’m glad your back!
    I love 2NE1 they are AWEOMENESS.

  2. Yaaayy, you’re back! 😀
    I was beginning to wonder if you were really gonna come back, or not. :p

    Your first semester is already over? Mines just now only half way done. >.<
    How long is your break?

  3. haha yay pet society (: i got bored of it after a week because i couldnt find a way to earn more money instead of visiting friends 😛 but i still visit it sometimes.
    i love the layout ! its so cute !
    enjoy your semibreak ! i wish i had one right now haha

  4. YOU ARE BACK SENYTH! I was like waiting, I checked your website like every two days and then finally you are back! And I was like YAY! Haha, missed you heaps 😛 Sounds like the Leadership Training thing is for high qualified people like you. Join, join. But only if you are up to it 😛 I don’t want to pressure you. 🙂 SO HAPPY YOUR BACK! And I’m the first commenter, go me 😛

  5. Im sick of changing layouts. I get bored of the same one after a few days or weeks so i change. I should stop doing that, HEHE!

    Wow, so much work to have been done. Im glad you got it all out the way.

  6. Yay glad to see you back =D Aw I don’t really play games on facebook, my friends are addicted to animal farm (that’s what the game is called right?) If i started playing I would probably be so distracted from my schoolwork!
    The scholarship sounds like a really good opportunity though its up to you whatever decision you decide, I would want to go for it. Its kinda like you don’t know until you try so might as well go for it.
    Lucky you get a break, happy to know you’re enjoying it. School’s the same stress for me xD
    of course i’m not getting bored with it your site 😛

    Kain nako ni-give up naka sa site :S But you’re back, so its ok 🙂 🙂

    Maypa ka nahuman na imo semester. I’m scrambling all over the place because midterms are coming up for me. So teachers are pushing all the work in our hands. GRRR.. Makalabad gyud sa ulo oi!

    WOW. That’s a good oppurtunity! Ayaw kahadlok oi! Who knows, you might get to get out of Philippines. See a new environment ba. Try lang gud. There’s no harm in trying diba?

    “And he belong to someone else. Already.”
    Well, It’s kinda stupid. But oh well. I’m over it anyways. There’s this guy who’s younger than me by a year who doesn’t even know I exist. Well, maybe he does since we pass by each other everyday. But he doesn’t even know me. You can call it admiration or something. GAHHH. I just found out he has a gf. BAH.

  8. Hello dear affiliate! 🙂
    Didja miss me? I sure missed you!
    😀 I just wanted to tell you that your ~favourite~ affiliate (or used to be), Sienna has created a new site called “Table For two”.
    Please, check it out here,
    Comment me on my blog if you want to be affiliates 🙂

    Oh yes, if you’re going “WHO THE HECK IS SIENNA?”, my old site was comicstar.streetrawr.net.

    Love, Sienna
    *copied and pasted*

  9. NOT getting bored of this site. And the layout is pretty – so why change it? 😀 How are your C & Java going..? I’ve got to return a c-programming project in 2 weeks time, hopefully it’ll be working by then 😀

  10. haha, the moment i recieved your comment, i remembered i forgot to check on my pet society 😛 i love planting because it kinda gives me more money . my pet isn’t as cute as i want it to be 😛 ohwell.. someday ill find the money to give it some beautiful luxury clothing haha

  11. YAY! You’re back. I really want to return the last comment you left on my site but I forgot which blog you commented on XD

    Meh. This layout is great anyway! You don’t have to rush to make a new one.
    LOL. Kdramas. I used to be into them but I stopped buying them. My mum still watches heaps. Movies! I’m so sick of watching DVDs – my holidays were filled with DVDs so I watched as many as possible.

    I haven’t played Pet Society in around 3 months. I bet my pet is dying of starvation right now. I wonder if I’ve won the lottery. Yeah, there’s heaps of new things – I like how you can go fishing and how you can grow plants now!

    I think you should join. Why not try something new? You might enjoy it.

    So how are you today? Other than what you just blogged about, how was your day? XD

  12. Oh haha well I’m glad you’ve decided not to give up! :p

    And yeah, I’m like dying for a break. We don’t get a mid-semester
    break like you. Haha. The only break we get is a 2 day break for
    Thanksgiving… and then Christmas break, but that’s when the semester
    is over haha.

  13. OMG, a break. Welcome back! I missed you! 🙂

    Four assignments in a week is just bonkers. I would have been so worn out and stressed. At least it’s over now. You deserve this break. 😀

    Funny that you forgot about the site momentarily. 😛

    I think you should have a go with the scholarship. You said it would be a shame if you failed, but it’s worth a try, right? The important thing is that you tried. I don’t think you have anything to lose. 🙂

    I don’t have Facebook! 😛

    I’m not getting bored of the site. Every time I come here I see your layout, which I love! :3

  14. Haha it probably wouldn’t be as bad a book if we didn’t have to decipher every few pages to write a stinking essay on it! 😀

    I think I pretty much decided I’ll get braces – it’s only like a year and a half/two years compared with the rest of my life so it’ll probably be worth it. One of my friends had bad teeth but got braces when she was 11 and now she has beautiful teeth.

    I have a pet on Pet Society, but I barely go on any more; there was a period of maybe a month where I was like addicted but now I get bored by it!

  15. haha, restaurant city was a bit boring at first but now they have new furniture and thats just my big goal 😛 to decorate my restaurant. ohhhh , they just have some real interesting games on facebook XD

  16. It’s the first time I’ve been here, but I really do enjoy the layout. It’s very unique and soo cute <33

    Yay for breaks! I havent been in school (other than a 3 week course I just finished) for awhile but I understand all the stress! Goodness…4 projects in one week? You deserve a break!

  17. Senyth, you’re back!! LOL, I’m so glad! 😀

    Haha, no – you aren’t crazy! XD I guess it’d have made anyone jump, LOL. 🙂

    Oh, yeah – that’s one good point! But my dad still scolds me for everything; He scold me for not turning off the lights when I come out of a room when he himself doesn’t do that. It’s a shame. 😐

    Yeah, it’d have embarrassed him, probably! It’s annoying, hearing the word every once in a while! :X

    Yeah, I NEED INSPIRATION! This layout’s been sitting on my site for too long. :/

    Oh, LOL! C’mon, you can do something with your Tumblr! 😀

    I’m glad that your semester has finally ended! It’s a joy, really! XD
    Oh, silly. Been playing all this while? 😉

    Wow, 4 projects in one week? That’s a record, haha! 😀

    Good luck with the Scholarship program! Go for it if you think you’ll be able to pull it off! 😀

    Nah, as long as you blog, I’d be happy with your site! 😀 Hehe. 🙂

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