Who Is Your President?

With the current state of our country, I don’t know whether I’ll believe in the Presidential Candidates’ speeches. Yes, it’s true that a trust is hard to build, yet with a flick of a finger, it can be splintered to pieces. I’ve put my trust during critical times like this, but where did it get me? I, including you, got a corrupt and unworthy administration run by someone who, even before she took the seat already fooled us with that dense phone call. The tongue is probably one of the heaviest things on earth as only some can hold it. No wonder why candidates find it easy to talk big and when they get the position, they’d forget what they said as if they had amnesia. Do you want someone who doesn’t have word of honor as your President? I don’t.

This is a really difficult decision for me, but after thinking about it and weighing things, there is only one whom I should pick. If I were to pick two, then that would be easier, though I am baffled with some people’s reasons on why they should pick this candidate and that candidate. If you were to choose among the evils, choose the lesser evil. While it made sense, choosing a President is way more than that, and that reason seems so shallow. I wouldn’t want a President who would just be swayed by some people’s dictations, and if ever he’d become the President, I wouldn’t want to keep on hoping that he wouldn’t be manipulated by the more evil people in the government.

One thing I hate about campaigns and such are those exaggerated TV commercials. I know what they’re doing it for, but why the need to overstate it? Some people even call it using and exploiting children.

I know that we aren’t perfect. Our candidates are also human and they commit mistakes. No matter how good you appear to be, there are always people who would negate and try to destroy you. No matter how thin you cut it, there will always be two sides: positive and negative side.

A lot of people have been impressed by Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro because of his “galing at talino”. I didn’t choose him because of that, but that is a plus. I didn’t choose him because he is a board topnotcher, licensed commercial pilot, and had his Masters in Harvard. Ignorance is but an epidemic here in our country. We have to understand and realize that a president should be someone who can resolve current issues. We need a man like him who is sensible enough to know what he’s talking about as well as make judgments that would be for the common good.

Some people would vote just because of their anger in the Arroyo administration that we fail to see beyond our emotions. If you seriously think of our current situation, voting is more than that. And I know that some would say that he’d be like another GMA if he’d take the seat as President. Just because GMA recommended him doesn’t mean he’d handle things like she miserably did. He used to follow GMA out of obligation because he was a member of her cabinet. He had to toe the line. This was precisely why he resigned from his post when he decided to run for president. For someone like me who finds it difficult to trust politician’s words, it’s a big leap for me to take on such action and put write his name when it’s my turn to vote this May.

I know I wouldn’t regret this decision even if he won’t win, because I know I did something out of my minute initiative. When one votes, he votes not for the one who is winning, but he votes for the one that he thinks and believes will do the best for his country. Win or lose, I would have practiced my right.

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  1. such a nice post. I agree with what you said.
    Pwede ka na maging speaker ah hehehe ayoss
    If I am going to choose. I want Gordon. Kita niyo naman, nung mga times nung ONDOY And other bagyo talagang he made solution dba. Glaing nya dumiskarte 🙂

    new entry at my blog 😀

    How are you? Boy, we need to catch up YO. 🙂

    *shivers* I don’t understand this post, it might be cause I’m really light-headed and I feel really sick atm. 🙁

  3. Agree wholeheartedly dear!! I’d choose Gibo or Gordon just because… I think that they really know what they’re talking about and what they’re in for. I don’t believe in Noynoy’s obliterate corruption campaign coz, HELL HE CAN’T DO THAT. Maybe he can for himself but how about his advisers ETC ETC? Manny Villar has totally lost my trust because of that ad, the number of youtube ads and the C5 scandal which we can CLEARLY SEE. Erap… IT’S A GIVEN!

    So that leaves two. I’ve heard Gordon speak at our school but my parents are rooting for Gibo. To seal the deal, I hope to hear Gibo speak in a forum. Really hope he can come to school!

  4. Actually, if Gibo didn’t have any connections with Arroyo, he would have come second to his cousin Noynoy because he’s really good, we have to give him credit for that. But even if I find all these presidential debates and forums amusing, I’m not expecting anything good to come out of this election. There will always be corruption and poverty. Even if the president is “not” corrupt, his connections and other people around him might contribute to his downfall because all of their actions will always be associated with him. Things might improve, yes, but corruption will still be one of our worries.

  5. I’m not of legal age to vote so I don’t pay high attention to what the government in my country says though I am aware of the majority of their actions. I don’t hold much trust for any of the political leaders, our system is so flawed and though we’re said to be developing I’ve only seen our country move down a winding path of corruption, crime and poverty.

    People should vote for who they think is the best leader for the country and who would work on the issues that plague a country. As I see now, none of this is being done. Being that a lot of people in our country are ignorant and some uneducated, they tend to vote on race and candidates use this as tactic to bring in more votes. Leaders have made many promises to us about free education and reduced crime; somehow 3 murders less than last year is an accomplishment. Its very disappointing and I could understand why so many people would want to leave this place.

    *sigh* sorry for my mild rant.

    Its good that you think of this so seriously, I only wish people would do the same here but after years of repetitive mistakes and corruption people have lost faith and trust in both the legal system and our ruling leaders.

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