When Luck and Mishap Intertwine

I would have blogged yesterday, but since I got really tired and didn’t feel like blogging, I decided to sleep early. XD Well, I don’t like the thought of blogging just for the sake of updating or you blogged because you feel obliged or forced to do so. That completely throws off the point of blogging. If you’ve got nothing to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Anyway, I woke up earlier than usual yesterday and absentmindedly and half-asleep logged in to my Gmail, which I don’t do very often. :sweat: I received an e-mail from Kat and there was a snippet saying ‘Hi congratulations, you won…’ and I thought it was just the same old spam that says ‘Hello Dearest, you won a $2, 000, 000 from a lottery.’ and all that shit that doesn’t have to do with me. There are so many girls with the name Kat and there was no identifier in the snippet. But the name sounds familiar and that’s when I realize that she is Kat at rainbowcrush.com who was holding a domain giveaway that I recently joined. Without thinking, I clicked it to read the full text and got the shock of my life. I won a domain in the giveaway, and it’s a .com/.net/.org to beat with! You can’t imagine how happy I was to read it that I had to reread it again just so I know what I’m reading is real for it felt like I’m in a daze, a half-remembered dream. It’s all thanks to KAT! I now have a .com domain. 😛 The link? Well, it’s a secret for now. 😀

I went to school wearing that silly smile in my face. I had a pretty good day; Two of my exam results were given to me and I passed in both exams. YAY! But when I arrived home, I was searching for my wallet because I was going to buy my nephew some snacks, only to find out that my 500 PHP bill is missing. I was saving that money to open another bank account here to have an EON card, which I can use for verifying my Paypal. I have no idea how I lost it or when it was lost, but I was entirely sure I had it with me until lunch.

That was really disappointing and like a counter to my luck earlier that day. 🙁 And to think that yesterday was the birthday of someone that I used to know, I thought it would be my unlucky day, but coincidentally, it was not. I’m glad I won the domain and the news brightened up my day.

So today was a really tough day since we went to another campus just to listen to the Assembly which bored the hell out of me. I ended up sleeping instead of listening. LOL. I feel a bit down because my dad still can’t come back here and it’s been two months since he went to Libya to work. Normally he’d be out there for a month and come back here for another month, but his VISA isn’t yet released and we don’t even know if it has been renewed or not. 🙁

The saddest part is I always remember to return comments but I keep forgetting on e-mailing him and he got upset with me right now. It’s not that I didn’t want to keep in touch, it’s just that I waited for his reply and it ended up like this; me not contacting him. It’s either he didn’t receive my e-mail or I didn’t receive his. But anyway, I have e-mailed him just before I wrote this entry. XD I’m so hoping he can return home this week or the week after next.

Recently I got really interested with Fanilistings. I got even more excited when I found out that there’s no approved fanlisting for the characters in a Drama series that I have in mind. YAY! Since I am such a procrastinator slow worker, hopefully, I’ll be able to work on one the next month, given more or less time.

And if you haven’t noticed, I imported my old posts into this site. Since I’m already blogging here and I don’t want to have 2 blogging sites and I don’t want to dump my old posts for they are a part of me, I put them over here, all of which are posted on my previous private site. Now you can publicly read them if you want. It’s all in my Archive. 😀

25 thoughts on “When Luck and Mishap Intertwine”

  1. The timezone thing won’t really matter, because the days are basically the same. Just blog on your day when it’s your day. =) Just make sure that it’s after midnight where everybody else is. =P

  2. OH, I forgot to tell you!!! I couldn’t find your email, so I need it so that I can send you your information and the link. I need it ASAP, because I need to send you details about me needing a blurb from you. 🙂

  3. You’ve been forgetting about your poor dad! Aww! I hope you can see him soon. Travel and all the processes associated with it can be a bit annoying.

    I saw your name on Kat’s site! Congratulations! 😀 So are you gonna move everything over there? Or is it going to be separate? 🙂

    I’m sorry you lost money! That reminds me… gosh, I totally forgot until I read your blog, but I dropped ten dollars once. James put it in my lap, and I had a bag in my lap too. When I got up, I dropped the note, because I hadn’t put it in my bag. I was pretty upset about it because I had known it wasn’t in my bag, then I forgot it was in my lap as we got up… and my parents get mad when I lose money. They never found out about that though; at least I keep earning from work.

    My lectures are pretty boring – just listening… I know how you must have felt!

    You can always apply for the fanlisting now; they give you weeks to work on it! And you’re allowed to ask for extensions if you’re busy.

    Hahha I have a few friends as short as me but others just WAYYY taller. XD

    Aw. I heard about the tallest man ever; he was so abnormally tall, but still in proportion, and died young because the blood couldn’t pump all around his body in time. That’s the bad thing about being tall I guess.

    Hahha poor guy! I have a really tall friend; don’t know if his head touches the door but he is tall alright.

    LOL cheese in a burger! Good one. I try to keep up with people but when people walk, sometimes to keep up I have to run. Sucks being small that way.

    Aw, and yes, we’re speaking of money too. 🙁 I was so grateful to this man.

    Well, when I dropped that ten dollars and you dropped your money, we didn’t know. 🙁 Sucks. We’ll get it back someday, I guess. 🙂

    LOL! I don’t even try getting the seeds off; I just eat the damn thing.

    Oh, I mean “BS” as in bullshit. Bullshit vitamins. They sucked. D: XD

  4. haha she’s the cutest. She’s taken a liking to me. She always sleeps in front of my computer screen while I’m typing away. She’s grey and white 🙂

  5. Oh I’ve never even heard of Friendster, haha. :p And yes I have a Facebook, but I like never get on it.

    Congrats on winning a domain! I just bought one! 😀 So could you change my URL to http://capacityy.net? 🙂

    And that’s great that your dad is coming soon! 🙂

  6. Well its CXC results I’m waiting for and that’s the holy mother of all exams xD Its really major in deciding if I’m doing advanced level or going to university. Yea tomorrow I’ll see if I pass or not o_o
    I don’t know exactly what annoyed me, there was just a lot of drama in the first episode and I think the main star’s voice annoyed me lol and the F4 boys; just kinda wanted to kick em during that episode. I guess I’m more into calmer dramas and there’s a pattern. There’s not really any teenagers cause the dramas I love are City Hall, Family Honor, Hotaru no Hikari and Around 40 o.O

    Congrats on winning the domain and passing two of your exams! I’m curious about your new site’s name 😛
    Its very unfortunate that you lost the money 🙁 I hope you’ll be able to find it.
    My dad also works away so I could relate because I don’t really email him much. But I don’t think he minds it all that much.

    Having Fanlistings are definitely fun and you’re given a lot of time to create them, I got addicted and so very excited when I got approved for my first one. Give it a go.
    You just also reminded me that I have a fanlisting due in 3 days; I don’t know why I wait last minute >_<

  7. wow this is beautiful and sorry for being so late to comment on your layout … right now I am on a hiatus please visit my website for more info thanks 🙂

  8. Hey senyth. im glad you’re happy now, thanks to the domain winning thing. For a second, I thought you didn’t know so I was going to tell you via your comment board, lol, but then I read your post and yeah. What’s a PHP bill? Is PHP the currency? O.O Sorry! == I’m just not good with money. LOL! Congrats on passing your exams! 🙂

  9. Thanks 🙂 I think the two “y’s” are growing on me, slowly! 😛 Haha.

    Haha do you know when you’re going to decide to switch everything over?

    And I just went to that friendster.com website and it looked not familiar at allll. Ahha. No one around here has those. 😛

  10. Congrats on winning the domain! Oh what I’d give for one *daydreams*
    Thank you for adding me to your list 🙂

    It is really hard, but it’s only for a year until I go to university. So it’s not like I’m being really choosey cos it’s not forever! Which makes it worse 🙁

    Well done on passing your exams O_O I get my exam results tomorrow. Scared.

  11. When was I up late? Hahha.

    And oh, I was just curious. 😛 I’m excited to see it. 😀 Baha.

    Yeah, Facebook has gotten pretty popular here too. Myspace is popular here too, I guess, but not nearly as popular as it use to be. 😛

  12. Aww poo. I always accidentally close tabs. Usually I restore them or open the last one (ctrl shift T) and the comment would most likely still be there.

    Ugh, your brother is pretty stupid. -_- Thankfully my brother doesn’t do that (he’s pretty much scared of my laptop haha).

    Aw, that must be annoying, especially when it’s happened a few times. I dislike schedules, really. 😛

    Oh, that’s cool. 😀 Have fun with the plugins. I love installing new plugins and all that. I actually haven’t upgraded WordPress to the latest version… XD

    Oh poop. Well, I wasn’t too sure about the money value but losing money is shitty all the same.

    SHIT, I just pressed “back” on the keyboard and it went to the previous page… thankfully when I came back the comment was still here. D:

    Ugh that’s annoying too. I am wearing a nice scarf today so I hope I don’t lose it.

    But what annoyed me today is that my laptop has a new scratch on it T_T And I don’t know how it got there!

    Haha. They were the type that you could just swallow. I don’t think it would be nice if I tasted it haha.

    Someone said you say “emoticons” on MSN but otherwise on the web, you call them “smilies” or “smileys”. I think they’re pretty much the same. Someone mentioned that smilies are generally smaller. :S

    Woo. XD I think I might copy this comment to my clipboard before I post it, just in case something bad happens. XD

  13. Whoo, seems like you had a fun day ! xD
    & Whoa, you’re lucky ]x I didn’t win a domain, ):
    Ahah, but there’s always another chance ! 😀

    & Yeah, I decided to write a blog after I return comments (:

  14. Hey Senyth!
    I get the exact same spam as you 😛 Usually it goes to my junk mail though. I’m guessing that you weren’t so absentminded when you realized that you won a domain! Congratulations 😀 I can’t wait to see!

    I’m glad you had a good day until you lost your money :S How could you be lucky and unlucky in one day?

    Speaking about dads…I think I haven’t seen mine in like 2 months :S I don’t remember.

    I can’t wait to see the fanlistings :3
    I’m currently waiting on my host to finish one – Stephen Christian’s fanlisting! I should go check if she has finished yet XD

    Anyways Take Care!

  15. Yeah, those giganto waves are so freaking scary. XD I wonder how people actually surf, !
    I mean, there’s a possibility that they’ll die ! 😀

    & Those seaweeds tangled around our legs so yeah. -___- Pretty frustrating, ahah.

    Mhmm, I probably stepped on a sharp rock and I was too busy to notice. 😀

    Yeah, inactive ones are ANNOYING. -__-

    I just like any books for teens & young adult. ;D

  16. Oh yeah, duh. Haha. I just wasn’t tired, plus I was up trying to get the domain up and everything. :p

    I have one, but I haven’t even tweeted yet. But you should still follow me. 😀 twitter.com/sharluhhh

    Whaddu mean fanlisting collective? 😡 Haha.

  17. Ughh, no offense, but I HATE historical fiction. > <

    In my opinion, I don't think we need these books, ahha.
    Unless for the people who like them and are entertained by them. Otherwise, no point, haha. 😀 I only like fiction about teens & stuff. 🙂

  18. Haha try it! It is so handy when you accidentally close a tab. 😀

    LOL, Dota. Sorry, I just think it’s funny. In high school most of the Asians played that.

    Oh, my dad has some stuff that removes scratches from CDs, or at least, hides them. My poor laptop and its scratches! T_T

    I take fish oil capsules and I just swallow them. When I was younger I bit them and I actually surprisingly liked the taste.

    Thank you! 😀

    Yeah, it does get expensive but it’s not time to renew just yet. I won some namecheap.com credits so I think I got that covered. 🙂 Heartdrops expires soon and I’m definitely renewing it. XD

    LOL haha. My phone is pretty fat and sturdy. I keep it in a phone pouch so when it drops it doesn’t cause too much damage.

    Oh haha. I hate the dark. I get too scared. I get scared of what I might not see.. D:

    LOL, family parties are horrible. I just have to bring something to occupy myself!

  19. Haha I don’t play many games. My brother tells me about DotA. Yeah, I am aware of the capitalisation hahha. I played some random shooting games and other games but never really was into anything. I like skateboarding games too.

    Haha I don’t know where my dad put it but I might try. I am worried about ruining it more. XD

    Aww haha. I wish I had a smexy phone! I want an iphone actually.

    OH EWWW. I hate cockroaches. They’re disgusting and sometimes they move so fast it’s like.. fuck. D: I hope your ankle is better. Wahh!

    Yeah, they should all transform to butterflies! I don’t think I’m scared of them… I’m more disgusted by them haha. XD

  20. HMPH. I AM NOT SPAM ! 😀
    Although I like the food spam. xD

    Ermm, I don’t like it cause history’s isn’t my thing, haha ! :DD
    Yeah, books aren’t for everyone. But I hate comic books. > <

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