What I Think Of You

Don’t think you’re too good, don’t think I like the way you talk and act, don’t think you’re too smart. Damn it, you piss me off. I hate people who are immature, tactless and unusually loud and noisy. >.>

I hate it when they make fun of other people’s heights. That’s bullshit.

I hate it when they actually expect me to say something when I don’t even want to react. Don’t force me to talk; you’ll just get something you don’t want to hear, and I won’t back off once I let these all go.

I hate it when they say ‘That’s ok’ when in reality, it’s not ok. Don’t try to fix things; you’re just making them go worse.

Don’t think you know me better than I know myself.

Don’t think you’ll ever gonna hold me down.

Don’t think I’m not capable being alone; don’t think I can’t handle things myself.

Don’t pity me, don’t patronize me, don’t give me sympathy, because I don’t need all that CRAP.

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