Under My Skin

I shouldn’t be sitting like a frog in front of the computer and looking at the words appearing on the monitor as I type this enty for I should be lying on my bed, sound asleep since school would be waiting for me early in the morning, but heck, I can’t sleep and it’s 1: 39 AM now. u.u *breathes*

This is mainly the reason why my mom keeps on telling me that I won’t grow any taller – because of my sleeping habits. My classmates tease me in school most of the time because of my height, but I don’t mind. When I was younger, I used to take offense whoever teases me. I was a snappy child back then. I think I still am, but not as much. I don’t know how I changed, when I changed or what caused me to changed. I just changed – only my height didn’t. Hahaha. XD

I’m glad there’s change though. One of the reasons is my so-called web-design skills; I think I’ve improved compared to my previous sites and layouts. I remember I used to run Hyuuga Neji’s and NejiTen’s fansites so diligently, but I eventually stopped because I got disappointed for the sites barely have any visitors. When I visited them now, I read current posts in the shoutbox asking me when I would update and how much they love the site. I now feel bad for neglecting it. D: I’d definitely reconstruct it and move it to another host when I have time. Designing layouts and validating my codes usually take up a lot of my time. Gosh, if only I have all the time in the world, I’d make all of them in just one sitting. 😐

If you’re curious, here’s my first ever layout that I made two years ago. It’s not much of a gap since I stopped designing for a year, but I’m happy I can make WordPress themes right now, and oh, you can laugh at the layout or make a face while looking at it, because even I would admit it can blind anyone’s 20/20 vision. :S But of course, I was proud of that layout. I felt ecstatic when I made it. Well, who wouldn’t especially if it’s their first? 🙂

I’ve been learning many things right now, and I’m taking them slowly. First, is PHP since it is mandatory for our project, and I wanna learn how to illustrate. I’ve never been good at drawing, so that would take a lot of time, but I’m not in a hurry. I hope I would improve though.

I made fanlistings: Whimsical(Bonnie and Katie), Unafraid(Hufflepuff house) and Your Cinderella(Han Hyo Joo). Do join if you’re a fan. ^_^ I know, I’ve been plugging my fanlistings lately, and yes, I feel that I should change the layout but I don’t want to since I want this to last for a month. Haha.

I think I should crawl back to my room right now before my mom catches me, what do you think? :S

16 thoughts on “Under My Skin”

  1. OMG. My parents have been telling me the same thing!! It gets annoying most of the time but I kinda think it’s true. When I was young, I was way taller than my bro but now he’s like HUGE! He’s even taller than my dad. Man, I feel so small. But being small has advantages too so that’s fine 🙂

    I remember the very first website I made. And the layout too! I didn’t have Photoshop and all the fancy things back then, so it was a really simple layout. I remember using celeb and anime images too! Man how long ago was that?

    When I started in piczo, I have no idea what HTML is but then I did some research and got myself hosted 🙂 that was a really good experience.

    Oh yeah I want to ask how much all in all are you paying for your site? Like name and hostig and stuff. Coz I want to get my own domain 🙂

  2. I am on break but I still have work!

    My friends and I take loads and loads of pictures too. It’s addicting and we pretty much take hundreds. I’m more used to doing it with friends; it’s weird doing it alone. XD

    Thank you ahha! Yes, it’s from that layout haha. ^^

    It is false advertising and a ridiculous claim to make. O_O

    I miss high school but at the same time it’s good to be in uni and where I am at now.

    You really should be sleeping – but I know that feeling. Sometimes you just don’t want to sleep or you want to do something quickly before you sleep. Haha. I’m like that a lot and it’s become a really bad habit. T_T

    I haven’t grown much and I’m a short person in general. But sometimes change is good. Especially when you grow older, mature, and learn more. 🙂

    I think your first layout looks wonderful. Mine was black and white and used iframes with some funny text and background… it was sort of good I guess! But yours is really great for a first layout.

    Oooh, I know the feeling when you want to work on something or go back to something but you sort of feel at a loss for motivation. T_T It’s happened to me with my many domains and obviously it’s not a good thing. D:

    I usually keep all my fanlisting layouts the same. I’ve changed one – just the Armor For Sleep one because the colours were crap. With others, I’ve just changed the font or something simple.

  3. Your first layout is awesome dear! Mine was a blogger layout and it was soo childish! Winnie the Pooh pa! hehe Good that you’ve improved! Wish I can say the same thing for myself. hehe 😀 Just keep on going ah!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hehe sorry was only able to visit just now. 🙁

  4. Yeah, same here. I would sneak on the computer at night when my mom tells me to go to bed. I swear, I am on the computer more than I do my schoolwork because it’s simply more interesting.

    People still make fun of my height. I am very short. I am only 5′ and all my friends are all taller. I don’t think I am going to grow anymore, but my mom is still making me so much to make me grow, but she should know I cannot grow anymore.

    You designs skills has grown. It looks better than when you started. It looks nice though, your first layout. 🙂

  5. Wow!! xD senyth is being sneaky!! Lol. U Should sleep, you won’t grow and your skin will become dull. 😐 sleep now rawrr.

    Wow! Your first ever layout is amazing. You’ve definaly got talent love haha. It’s etter than my first one haha.

    Yeah. -blush- it is jai ho lol. How did you know!?? Your Reading my mind you!! Haha. Yeah. I become more
    clumsy than I am when I’m infront of him. :/ gahh I fail so badly haha. He’s just so ute, his Korean features are adorable.

  6. it was so crazy seeing the first layout I ever made. I remember thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread. It definitely was horrendous lol! But it was still lots of fun to make ^-^

    and i want to also lear how to illustrate and i think im pretty good at drawing so we’ll see how that goes 🙂

  7. My sleeping habits are not good, at all. Since I’ve been on Winter break I’ve been staying up until at least 4am and sleeping in until early afternoon. D; I start school tomorrow, I don’t how I’m going to get to sleep early. Haha. It’s going to take me a week or so to get my sleep schedule back on track. 😛

    I’m on the short side, also. It use to bother me, but then once I got in highschool it… just didn’t anymore, haha.

    Good luck with the PHP and illustrating. 🙂

  8. I don’t have a domain. Not yet at least. But I really want one badly. But my parents won’t share their creditcard online coz they don’t really trust the internet 🙁 which sucks. So I’m trying to figure out how I can win free domains.

    Omg. Is that really true? That means dili nako mutubu? no way!!!

  9. Cool! I never knew you were 1/4 Chinese 😛 Do you speak it? 😛

    LOL your poor grandma xD I don’t think anyone in my family goes into the lotto…we’re all kind of…non-believing in winning it so we don’t bother 😛

    Haha, they’ll probably give up because I’m so slow at everything.

    Haha no problem 🙂

    1:39?! Wow that’s late D: How did you stay up so late!!

    Wow I know how you feel! My whole family is always lecturing me. “Ahh you sleep so late, you’re never going to grow!! You’ll be short forever” blah blah blah. Ugh.

    I think I’ve improved my graphic skills too lol….compared to my first banner…:P

    That banner is actually good for a first design! But I think you’ve improved a lot 😀

  10. The problem with being short is the nicknames people call you. 🙁 It depends on who calls me by those nicknames though. If it’s close friends, then it’s alright, but when friends who aren’t really close to you calls you them…then things can get a little out of hands. :\

  11. LOL! xD

    That’s true haha. I mean, there are cold days in summer but it’s generally hot. 😛

    Wow… well, in Australia it pretty much only snows in the mountains, and I live hours away from the mountains.

    I would love to travel around the world as well. I don’t mind winter clothing; if you’re cold you can just wear layers.

    Hahaa thank you! XDD

    I have a break but everything is feeling a little like a chore… which sucks.

    After I use the computer for a while my eyes don’t feel weak but sometimes my hands get tired or I need to stretch. :O

    You’re welcome! I think it was definitely great for a first layout!

    I think I have the soft copy of my first layout… D: ! It’s on my USB/memory stick somewhere. Iframes FTW… nah, they’re a bad idea now. 😛

    Ahaa… yes, yes… people call me superwoman. XDD

    I use the same CSS for a lot of my fanlistings, LOL. I don’t really mind – I just change up the colours and I’m done. XD

  12. Lol. Your comment made my day thanks! I feel so much better. ^^ You see it’s been a long day at school and I manged to get hit by an iceball. Fail.

    Haha. Yeah. I might just give it away though. Cause I don’t like having loads of sites haha. ^^” I might give it to kisslin cause I just read her comment above haha but just keep that between us. -poke-

    taeyang! -sighs- now that guy is hot. Seriously, I can’t belivie he’s single. 😐 why can’t he get married to meee? Lol. Jokes. I love top, noone go near him. Rawrness.

  13. I honestly thought I had commented on this entry but I guess I been so busy that I forgot to…sorry!

    You are a very talented website designer – I luv your site layouts and your very first layout is awesome!!! It is very advanced and professional…well done!!!

    I look forward to what else you can do…

    Yah, you should get as much rest as possible or else your whole sleep pattern be all screwed up and it could effect you if you are still a student…as a student and even after you graduated and obtained a degree you should establish a very healthy sleep habbit and pattern…

    Have a good one huN!

  14. Gah, maybe that’s why I’m so tall. . .I am one to sleep for long periods of time. This makes me think about when my brother had some months left before he stopped growing he use to sleep all the time because he wanted to grow taller, I wonder if it really worked…

    “If I get cavities it’s your fault Simone, because that was totally sweet”

    That was so cuuuuute!

    About that date…never again. Possibly the worst date ever! I did pick a comedy when we went to the movies and he didn’t laugh not once, such a party pooper >:|

  15. I love that layout! It’s so pink. Lol. It’s your first? I wasn’t that good when I made my first layout. *sob* I don’t even know how to make WordPress themes. XD But yes, you improved a lot!

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