Tranquility and Peace

Sometimes, a day or two away from the city is all we need to clear our minds from the troubles and buzz going through our life and mind. It just helps you relax, calm down and breathe in the wonders that God gave us, pause for a moment and thank Him. I also find that it helps me connect with Him since being in the city means a busy life that sometimes I forget to slow down.

I’ve always been fond of taking pictures of nature and having macro shots, but the camera just can’t do justice to its beauty. We went to a province, named Dalaguete to visit a few relatives. I must say the life we live and the life we live are worlds apart. It’s much simpler and peaceful there, not to mention less pollution. 😛 They don’t have the complications of living in a city, which is quite annoying to me and makes me wish that I live there for a week. LOL.

We had to walk a long walk and climb in order to get to our relative’s house. It was hard because our slippers were wet and slippery. I actually had to grab a tree’s stems in order to avoid myself from slipping. O_O But it was worth it, because as they say, “The harder the climb, the better the view”.

This is where they wash their clothes and take a bath. For a moment, I thought it was dirty but when we got closer, I stood corrected. We even took a bath there and it was enjoyable. It was hard to fight the current but it was fun playing along with it. The rocks made our bath taking session less enjoyable.

The happy people inspite of the scorching heat of the sun. Haha. I can definitely say that we enjoyed the trip especially my younger brothers and cousins. 🙂

I wish I could just sit there till sunset, thinking of everything that has happened in slow motion, weighing every little thing just to make the right decision. Sometimes, all we need in life is a little bit of a pause. It will do wonders, trust me. 🙂

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  1. Oh gosh that looks so nice! I love the province sometimes (if it’s cloudy and shady XD) and I do want to own a farm! hahaha. Oh dear I’m afraid I don’t know where Dalaguete is…. O_O

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