My Life In Pictures

A lot of things happened this year, and we’re still halfway in 2012. YAY! There are still more good things to come this year. 🙂 I can really say this year is one fruitful year for me. I’m targeting growth this year, not physically because I’ve given up on that path. LOL. Things I listed here are not in chronological order. Honestly, I already forgot which happened first. @_@ Oops, my bad. 😛

Trainings and Thoughts

We are having a series of trainings, which started last Monday and will end this Friday. The very first thing that struck me was when one of our facilitators told us that they were going to take us out of our comfort zone. Yes, we were served with free food three times a day, but they weren’t going to make the training that easy for us.

Welcome Home

I’ve had some realizations lately. I consulted myself and asserted my feelings why I get thoughts that I didn’t expect. I think it’s my subconscious trying to tell me of my feelings, which I didn’t pay any attention to.

I browsed and read my previous posts in this blog from the last few years, and I came to realize that I blogged more often and that there was transparency in most of my posts. I can still feel my emotions and what was going through as I read them. And I realized that the reason that I haven’t been blogging just as much isn’t really the lack of time or laziness. I just used the as an excuse not to blog. Should I be ashamed of myself because I’m a blogger?

The Little Things

It’s only now that I have truly acknowledged that school is back. LOL. We’re not that busy yet though. Only projects and tests could make me busy in school, since I don’t really study. Haha. It’s not that I’m actually hoping I’ll be busy. I love my schedule for this sem, to be honest. 😛 I don’t have to wake up at 5 am anymore, which I have done for the past three years. It’s making me lazier, but I want to sleep more.

I usually just chat during nights and search for things if our teachers ask for it. And it’s still a wonder why I haven’t changed the layout yet. This is the layout I’ve used the longest, so far. Haha. And I’m sorry.

I’m Not Happy

There are people who, no matter what you do, no matter how much effort you exert just to make them happy, don’t know how to appreciate the little things around them. And the problem with me is I find it hard to tell them how I really feel since I have this kind of sickness: pride. I don’t want my ego to be bruised and once I admit it to them, then it’s a white flag that I’m waving.