An Ode to Bo’s

I’ve always snubbed Bo’s coffee before for two reasons: when I look at their menu, I don’t find their drinks interesting enough and I’m partial to Starbucks. Until my friend, Gwyn, introduced me to it. Admittedly, Bo’s only got special to because it’s where I spent time with her and got to know her while sipping on coffee. That’s when I realized “the coffee isn’t so bad”. I wasn’t even paying attention that their coffee is actually homegrown.

At Your Side

I have been busy with work, but I can say that I’m still enjoying life. I still get to spend time with my friends and family, though I don’t have much time for freelancing. But I always do them when I get the time. I don’t tire myself out because I don’t want to be burned out. I’ve experienced this before so that’s why I’m avoiding it. And you should too!

We shouldn’t forget the things and people who are important to us. They make life worth while. Anyway, I have been meeting my friends after work after not seeing them for a while, especially my High School friends, who I rarely see. Usually when I see my friends, we just eat and talk about whatever we want. 😛

Happy Memories

4 years ago, it used to be “I miss High school”, now it’s “I miss College”. For 14 years, the question mostly asked was “Do you have your assignment?”, now it’s “Do you have work?”. As I think about it now, it seems surreal to think that I’m in the real working world now. I find it quite weird that I won’t be blogging or ranting here about school. You guys know how much I include school and my complaints about it in my blog. I’m actually having goosebumps as I’m typing this blog entry. I must warn you though that is a picture-loaded post. :beep

I’ve blogged about my graduation in my previous post but didn’t include pictures, so here are they. XD

Age Is Nothing But A Mere Number

I’m pretty excited for today! It’s my friend’s, Clarraine, birthday, and we’ll be staying overnight at her house. She just turned 18 today, and I made this for here. I don’t think it’s quite good, but that’s my first ever illustration. I tried my best, but that’s all I ended up with. :haha What do you think? You can greet her at her site, if you want. 😛