Jason And Andalou Naturals Haul

Definitely loving these organic products from Healthy Options! Back then in my teens, I’ve always wondered why I get pimples when I use certain products while my classmates enjoy using them. Even Johnsons BABY powder gives me pimples! Thankfully after long years of research and trial & error, I found out I have oily-combination & sensitive skin. That’s why most commercialized products that have a lot of chemicals break me out. I would have preferred these products since they’re cheaper, but they’re not good for me. Even with organic, I still have to be careful since some ingredients give me pimples, such as witch hazel.?

Studio Photoshoot

As promised, here are more pictures from our photoshoot earlier this month. This is a 3-man shoot wherein we are the models and at the same time work behind the camera. I am the makeup artist and the look we’re wearing in this shoot is somewhat similar to the Cute Fairy Photoshoot that I did a while back, except that we wore a white eyeliner, instead of black. I used a lighter shade of brow set since we have light-colored hair and a different shade of pink lipstick.

Now onto the picspam!

Bright Aquamarine Makeup Look

I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time and I miss doing colorful makeup looks. It’s been so long I can’t even remember how I take my pictures. LOL.

Anyways, I tried doing a blue eye makeup look. In my book, it looks okay, but still has room for improvement.

Through The Camera Lens

Last Saturday, my co-workers and I had a fun shoot. Two of them are photographers and I’m the only HMUA. They decided to have an indoor photoshoot to try out Shad’s soft box, which is amazing by the way.

Anyway, it was a unique shoot as the 3 of us were also models. That meant we had to multi task and had to combat time because they have another appointment later that night. It was also our first time modeling or so, because as you all know photographers and MUAs only work behind the camera most of the time. 🙂

Bloody Mary Halloween Look

I have always wanted to dress up during Halloween. Even as a kid, I’ve always used my mom’s red lisptick and slather it all over my lips down to my neck, as if I just devoured someone for dinner. Then I’ll wear a white dress and scare my younger brothers.

I got this inspiration from Bloody Mary. As per Wikipedia’s definition, Bloody Mary is a legendary ghost or spirit conjured to reveal the future. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called multiple times.

Scared yet? This is seriously a no-brainer look, but truly scary.