New Contact Lens!

Because sometimes, you need to post something on your blog to remind you when you bought it and when the expiration date is. 😂

Mistaken Identity

I’ve been known to be a frugal person, I usually save and invest my hard-earned money and tend to reward myself only after I’ve achieved a goal. Back in 2013, I was given a Louis Vuitton wallet, which I’ve always thought to be a knock-off because it’s colorful and designer brands are horrifyingly expensive here. I like the length of the wallet, just didn’t like that the card slots were too small.

Lenses For My Eyes

I went to the optical shop today to buy some contact lens, lens solution and eye drops. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick a good brand for eye drops so I’ll come back tomorrow. Anyway, I bought EO Flexwear Emotions in Henna Brown(630 Php per pair), it’s a 2-tone contact lens. This is good for 1 year. I also bought Opti-free Pure Moist Lens Solution(302 Php), which will expire on Mar. 2017. I used to use Solocare Aqua but I wasn’t able to find the George Optical shop, which carries the product.

DIY Organic Deodorant

I made my very own deodorant today! I just used the container from Secret since it was the cheapest one that I found. I just took out the product, washed the container and replaced it with my own deodorant.

Why I Prefer DIYs

Yup, I like DIYs. Here are a few reasons why:

1. I save money. If you go to a salon, they charge underarm waxing for around 250 – 350 Php / session. Since I’ve had it done at a salon once or twice, I figured going there is not worth the price when I know I can just buy the tools and do it myself. I bought a sugar wax, baby powder and aloe vera gel. Total damage? 400 Php. I’ve used the wax five times now and it is still ¾ full. Do the math. 😉