To Let You Hear Me As I Am

A world where only you and me existed, how peaceful would that be. But that would also be less challenging. Because in this world we live in, we have to fight, not even knowing if we’ll win; love without knowing if that feeling would be reciprocated. And that’s what make life beautiful. You couldn’t predict, you can only hope. You need to look beyond the pain to find true happiness.

Sometimes we look at the closed door for too long, not realizing another door was opened for us. We just can’t forget the past in fear of the future, because that’s not moving on or letting go; it’s what we call hiding from your feelings, hiding from others and hiding from yourself. Though you can convince them and lie to them, the hard thing here is convincing yourself and telling yourself you’re not lying. But can you cope with cheating your heart?

It’s hard to run away from a feeling that haunts you every now and then, but if you won’t help yourself, then who else will? I tried laughing off my sorry self and and ignoring these emotions. It was the only thing I could turn to when I have nowhere to go, but laughter doesn’t work anymore. Can I cry now? Perhaps. I’m tired of pretending I’m happy. Pretending to be happy doesn’t make me happy.

It won’t hurt to let my tears roll down my cheeks even just for once, would it? Then tomorrow, I’d be ok. I can stand up again, smile at the world, and say “Well, world. I’m fine. =) “.

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