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My training officially ended last Saturday. It’s been a week and I still haven’t done the things I’ve been wanting to do. If procrastination was a crime, many of us would be in prison by now, including myself. Anyway, the training was indeed fast-paced and I barely had time to procrastinate. Haha.

They look so busy

This is what we look like when our trainer is teaching. Everyone is so participative and eager to learn. She’s not exactly teaching in this picture, but she’s saying something about work, I guess. I didn’t really catch it since I was busy doing my thing: taking pictures. Oops. :S

The trainees!

We weren’t at all close when the training started, but we eventually knew and got acquainted with each other during the second half of the training. 🙂 The get together that we had on our last day sort of made us sad because it’ll probably the last time we’ll be together. I didn’t see any of them as my competitors, but as friends.

Our Mini iPhone App

This is the main menu of the iPhone app that we made. I was quite shaky at first since I was picked as a team leader, but we were able to finish our project in time. We had the cutest UI among all the groups. LOL. Whether I’d be picked for hiring or not, I’m glad I was able to experience this training on mobile programming. I’ll definitely continue learning more about mobile programming. ^_^ We also had Android programming, but sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of what we made.

My College yearbook picture

On another topic, I went to get my overdue yearbook picture. My classmates told me I look like Gladys Reyes, a local celebrity here in our country. Haha. I really couldn’t tell the similarities, can you? I still think this picture is way edited. My face looks ghastly white! It’s a good picture of me though, since they didn’t alter my image that much. XD

Makeup creations

Guess what? I found a new love, and surprisingly, it’s makeup! Haha. I want to be a freelance web designer/developer, and along with that, I want to be a freelance makeup artist. LMAO! I’m still getting the hang of makeup, the basics and whatnot. Personally, I don’t wear makeup wherever, except for special occasions. I just love how it can transform a person’s face and enhance their features. 🙂

Do my plans sound farfetch? LOL.

15 thoughts on “The Geeky Things”

  1. Dude that is so awesome! I hope I also get to experience those programming thingies. I’m jealous <3

    Yes, makeup is nice. I hated makeup when I was young but now I really have to learn it, haha! I just started learning stage makeup recently since I need it for performances, and the only thing I can't do is the one for my eyes XD

    Oh my gosh! You do look like Gladys Reyes! =))))))

  2. That’s awesome that you’re good at that programming stuff. I couldn’t make left or right of that stuff when I had to take a class before (^_^;) Did you make the graphic as well for your app?

  3. Oh that’s really cool…I have always wanted to learn app programming for the iPhone…some of my programmer friends told me about it but I never got the time to mess around with it lol. Your app definitely looks really cute XD!

    That’s a nice picture! Much better than my graduation pic honestly lol.

    I really like your makeup explorations…especially the last pic…very innovative!

  4. this is whats hard when procrastination enters the picture.. I also tend to procrastinate a lot.. lol seems like you also enjoyed your training eh? the pictures shows it. haha and hmm havent tried using android yet but i heard it does the same thing like an iPhone does.. lol

    I LOVE THE PICS.. you’re pretty even without makeup.. like seriously.. and makeup transforms our face so it’s kinda <3.. just like in my case, ive got small eyes so without an eyeliner so thats the reason why i cant live without an eyeliner

  5. freelance makeup artist? why not? you looked so gorgeous on those pictures.. and that iphone app was pretty cute i wanna learn that too!!!

  6. I’m so jealous! YOU MADE AN IPHONE APP!! Hahaha. But yeah, congrats on the training! 🙂

    AND YES, you do look like Gladys on that picture. Hehe. Maybe it’s because of the shape of your face. 🙂

    AND AGAIN… I’M JEALOUS. I love make up but I can NEVER do what you can especially on eye makeup. I really suck at that. :))


  7. Congratulations on finishing training! From the photos it looks like you guys had a fun group. 🙂

    And as for your plans sounding far-fetched… NO goal is far-fetched, lady! Don’t follow your dreams, chase them! I think it’s awesome you’ve found another love. I am obsessive with make-up myself, so I can completely understand where you’re coming from. 🙂

  8. It sounds like you had a fun learning experience at your training! I’d love to do something like that after I graduate high school, but that won’t be for a while, haha.

    I think it’s great to have many dreams, then you can keep on reaching for them, and while you are trying to achieve one, you may find new doors opening for you and you may even achieve some of them! I think yours sound very practical and I’m sure that you can do anything you put your mind to. 🙂

    I love makeup! Although I don’t like to wear too much of it myself, I love seeing girls at school or in town that have nice makeup on. Eyeshadow is my favorite (when it’s done correctly 😉 ).

    I hope you have a nice day, and I absolutely adore your yearbook picture! You look totally cute in it, your hair is perfect! <3

  9. wooow.. that’s a cute iphone project there sis.. amazing naman.. hindi ko talaga maintindihan yang prograaming2x.. o___O *nosebleed.

    anywhooo… yay!! i agree… it’s nice to be a freelance makeup artist.. I have been working on that too.. as in..puro makeup na ngayon ang nasa utak at bunganga ko. LOL :))

  10. Were you hired already? Hihi because this post was almost a month ago. Anyway, congratulations!!! 🙂

    Me likey the third look! Fierce kung fierce, e! Hahaha! I had this interest din with make-up but because I want to have all the best brushes and stuff, hindi ako makapag start! But I do watch youtube vid tutorials! So inspiring! 🙂

  11. You look awesome in your yearbook picture! (: So cute!

    Those pictures of you with makeup on look AMAZING. I love how it transforms your face and makes you look so hott! Not that you don’t look hot without it…But you get what I mean. 🙂

    That iPhone App looks so cute! Hopefully, you do get hired to do something with mobile apps. 🙂

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