The Coffee Affair

I have always been a coffee fanatic, more so when my coffee has been brewed to perfection. 👌 This affair started way back 2012 when Starbucks was just located on the same building where I worked. I am very grateful to Starbucks because they introduced me to this amazing world of coffee wonder. I was just new to the corporate world at that time and couldn’t afford to go to Starbucks all the time, so I found ways to have my coffee and not break the bank, and voila! I found that brewing your own coffee is easier on the pockets. Who says you can’t drink your coffee and have it, ey? (that pun, though. 😆 Get it? 😉 Yes, I had coffee while writing this, sorry not sorry) And that’s how I fell in love with coffee ever since.

Coffee connoisseurs always say that coffee tastes better when measured and they are right. I use my trusty small clever dripper most of the time. When I don’t feel lazy, I weigh my beans and water. The ratio that I use is 12g coarse ground coffee to 180g water, brewed for four minutes. For those of you who want to brew your own coffee but hate washing the coffee maker, I suggest you use the clever dripper.

My current obsession is this new coffee beans that I bought which has butterscotch undertones. I remembered that I still have my salted caramel creamer which I don’t really use because I don’t dig caramel coffee and I’m almost always partial to mocha. Chocolate, all the way, yes? I decided to use the creamer because it’s expiring soon and it just blew me off. The taste is amazing, I tell you — rich and creamy, just like how the cafes make your coffee, but definitely does not make you broke. I used 20g coffee beans, which is roughly 2 tablespoons and 6 ounces of water and brewed it for 3 minutes. After which I added 20g of sweetened creamer. 🙌 Best. Coffee. I. Ever. Made. So. Far. 🙌 Talking about this makes me wanna make it again. 😋

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Starbucks and I go there when I miss my favorite drinks, which are espresso frappuccino and white mocha americano (no water and with 2 shots of breve! No, the coffee’s not the same without my 2 shots of breve 😝). Starbucks still has a special place in my heart, after all. ❣️

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  1. This was an awesome post. I can definitely relate as a coffee-holic. My current obsession is matcha (believe it or not, and it’s a tea). But coffee is always number one for me. Starbucks – don’t even get me started on that lol i currently bought a rewards card and have a Keurig at home. I am definitely going to out new coffee beans with butterscotch thats sounds so different and yummy from the norm ie. french vanilla etc.

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