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I finally got my money that I withdrew from Paypal last week. I was expecting it’d be returned since my name isn’t complete when I filled out the form, but it still reached my EON account. I guess I was lucky that day. 😛 I gave half of the money to my parents and treated them out for pizza. YAY! Hehe.

My cousin finally moved to a new room, which is supposed to be my siblings’ room but they weren’t occupying it and my father had sorted things out, so my room is a lot cleaner now. ^_^ I practically moved everything and I wasn’t expecting that my room was that dusty. I think I’m a bit allergic to dust since I’ve always noticed that I sneeze, have a runny nose or get colds after encountering a lot of dust. 😐

Stuffed toys

I’ve always been fond of stuffed toys since I was a little kid. I left some of them in our old house and my aunt claimed them as hers which is really annoying. >.< I've kept these in my room and I have always have a stuffed toy beside me when I sleep. She's quite cute too, though she's not in the picture because she needs some washing. 😛 Books that I read

I still haven’t found my Harry Potter books. 🙁 I remember I hadn’t finished reading Quidditch Through The Ages and I don’t know where it is. Some of my books were borrowed by my High school friends and I haven’t seen most of them since we graduated and parted ways. LOL. One of the books that is more effective than a sleeping pill is my File Organization book. I really have little interest in that subject. It is too boring.

I’ve been wanting to buy a dSLR because of its amazing focus. I love its effects on lights and leaves; it gives you a bokeh texture or something, which I’m really fond of. I realized I’m not that into photography so I’d maybe settle for digital cameras for now. Heehee.

I’m quite frustrated at C#, Visual Studio and with myself right now. Everything is so new to me that I can’t even make simple commands like disposing a canvas/frame work, which I’m familiar of when I was still using Netbeans for Java. >_<

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6 thoughts on “Tell Me Why

  1. Lynn Ann says:

    I hope you find your Harry Potter books!! I don’t let mine out of my sight, like when I go to college they will be there. Even if I have to give up space, it’s that serious.

    I have a dSLR and I love it, but if you get a good digital camera, you can get the same effect.

  2. Tiara. says:

    Pizza sounds yum. Lol
    And love the stuff animals it looks great.
    My room will never stay clean.
    I have like 3 kids sleeping in my room. Lol

  3. Mei says:

    wow you have lots of stuff toys. they must be valuable to you since you really kept them. plus those books. bookworm? hehe.

    i want an slr too. it’s sooo amazing, noh? hehe.

    i havent tried C# yet but i think i want to learn that because you cam make graphics. am i right?

    i am also using netbeans for java. but at the same time, im learning it the hard way using notepad ++.

  4. Sharla says:

    When I was younger I use to have stuffed animals all over the place in my room. Now they’re all stuffed in my closet in a bin, haha.

    Awh, that sucks that you lost your Harry Potter books. I actually thought about getting rid of mine, they’re just sitting around collecting dust.

    Oh, and I was wondering if you could tell me if you could see my submit button now? :p

  5. Carissa says:

    Hi. 🙂 I don’t really know what to say about your entry, but I may be coming back to Loverawr, so I wanted to say hello to you. ^_^

    I wasn’t aware that you were missing Harry Potter books, but I hope you find them, as well as figure out your C# and Visual Studio. 🙂

  6. ayah says:

    woah. too many stuff toys. 🙂