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I finally got my money that I withdrew from Paypal last week. I was expecting it’d be returned since my name isn’t complete when I filled out the form, but it still reached my EON account. I guess I was lucky that day. 😛 I gave half of the money to my parents and treated them out for pizza. YAY! Hehe.

My cousin finally moved to a new room, which is supposed to be my siblings’ room but they weren’t occupying it and my father had sorted things out, so my room is a lot cleaner now. ^_^ I practically moved everything and I wasn’t expecting that my room was that dusty. I think I’m a bit allergic to dust since I’ve always noticed that I sneeze, have a runny nose or get colds after encountering a lot of dust. 😐

Stuffed toys

I’ve always been fond of stuffed toys since I was a little kid. I left some of them in our old house and my aunt claimed them as hers which is really annoying. >.< I've kept these in my room and I have always have a stuffed toy beside me when I sleep. She's quite cute too, though she's not in the picture because she needs some washing. 😛 Books that I read

I still haven’t found my Harry Potter books. 🙁 I remember I hadn’t finished reading Quidditch Through The Ages and I don’t know where it is. Some of my books were borrowed by my High school friends and I haven’t seen most of them since we graduated and parted ways. LOL. One of the books that is more effective than a sleeping pill is my File Organization book. I really have little interest in that subject. It is too boring.

I’ve been wanting to buy a dSLR because of its amazing focus. I love its effects on lights and leaves; it gives you a bokeh texture or something, which I’m really fond of. I realized I’m not that into photography so I’d maybe settle for digital cameras for now. Heehee.

I’m quite frustrated at C#, Visual Studio and with myself right now. Everything is so new to me that I can’t even make simple commands like disposing a canvas/frame work, which I’m familiar of when I was still using Netbeans for Java. >_<

6 thoughts on “Tell Me Why”

  1. I hope you find your Harry Potter books!! I don’t let mine out of my sight, like when I go to college they will be there. Even if I have to give up space, it’s that serious.

    I have a dSLR and I love it, but if you get a good digital camera, you can get the same effect.

  2. wow you have lots of stuff toys. they must be valuable to you since you really kept them. plus those books. bookworm? hehe.

    i want an slr too. it’s sooo amazing, noh? hehe.

    i havent tried C# yet but i think i want to learn that because you cam make graphics. am i right?

    i am also using netbeans for java. but at the same time, im learning it the hard way using notepad ++.

  3. When I was younger I use to have stuffed animals all over the place in my room. Now they’re all stuffed in my closet in a bin, haha.

    Awh, that sucks that you lost your Harry Potter books. I actually thought about getting rid of mine, they’re just sitting around collecting dust.

    Oh, and I was wondering if you could tell me if you could see my submit button now? :p

  4. Hi. 🙂 I don’t really know what to say about your entry, but I may be coming back to Loverawr, so I wanted to say hello to you. ^_^

    I wasn’t aware that you were missing Harry Potter books, but I hope you find them, as well as figure out your C# and Visual Studio. 🙂

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