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I was quite surprised I’m not that fully loaded on my Tuesday-Thursday classes. The only thing that made me sad because my day starts early, 7: 30 AM, and that means I have to wake up early. Classes has just started and I can still say “Oh, I still have lots of time” when I get home from school. I only have three subjects for TTH, but when things get serious, it will be kind of heavy for me.

We have a subject where we have to work with CorelDraw. I don’t know anyhting about the program, but we’ll have basic and probably advanced knowledge about it by the end of the sem. We’ll be making a magazine as our project. It sounds cool and exciting since I haven’t tried it yet, but thinking of making it along with our Database project, it seems a really serious case and we’d have sleepless nights. Hopefully we won’t have a project for our Advanced Java class, but there’s a slim chance that it’s going to happen. @_@

Our DB 136 project requires us to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and My SQL. System overflow. I can’t say I’m an expert in HTML and CSS; I have just started learning them and still learning them. I haven’t even started on self-studying PHP. Blame me; I’m lazy. 😛 Database + Web Application Development = CROS project. Yup, that’s the name our system. <3 Later this day, we met with our Networking teacher. He mentioned a lot of things we have to tackle, and wrote terms I can't comprehend. The subject seems so broad, that even if I run, I still wouldn't be able to cover the whole area. @_@ And he wants us to speak English the whole time. It was our first meeting and at the same time, we had our first exam, and it was an essay type of test. We haven't even got a clue how to answer questions like "Distinguish client server and peer-to-peer network", "Identify the elements of a client server", "What is the advantage of network computing compared to a standalone computing". We haven't even started discussing but he had given us a test already. *extreme nosebleed* Again, system overflow.

System overflow means my brain can’t take all the information thrust upon it. It’s like you kept pouring water over a full glass, and where did the water go? Down the drain. @_@

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  1. Awww man I like that swirling emoticon you have. All that stuff your networking teacher mentioned bring me back to information technology studies in high school. I wasn’t *that* great at it because all I wanted was the HTML/web design part of it. But I remember vaguely those peer-to-peer networks!

    We’re all still learning HTML and CSS! I think that you’re good at it, telling from your layouts. 🙂

    I hope CorelDraw is alright. I think my dad had an old version on his computer but I can’t remember now.

    System overflow is a good way of describing it. We learned about information overload in the subject Information Cultures at uni – everything is information overload sometimes!

    It’s definitely not the first time RigRag has had a problem. I was with them last year and I had problems and left. Just so happens that I won a reseller hosted by them.

    Thank you! :3

    My domains are all my babies – I guess they’re unisex too, haha. I love them all.

    Yeah, two years. D: I guess I like lollies and chocolate better than ice cream. They’re more easily accessible sometimes – no need to be kept frozen and so on.

    I was just feeling really upset and trying to keep from crying. It doesn’t hurt anymore though. 🙂

    I know! You can find more at They have so many – they are meant to be gross but they’re cute. D:

    I hope so too – fingers crossed for you. 🙂 Oh awesome! I know it’s a premade but I’m loving the look haha. 😀

    Yeah, sometimes it slows down though – it’s not a constant 200kbps!

  2. Hey 🙂

    Hehe, yeah I am just cool like that 😉 I also have been learning English for sooo many years now that it comes naturally to me xD It’s like my motherlanguage.

    Hehe, Germany was devided into West and East a couple of years after World War 2 was over. Though those people who build the Wall always said, that there won’t be any kind of wall and stuff.. well one night they started to build it and they kept it there for like 20+ years I think.. I am not too sure about that period of time.. and the East-Germans demonstrated and said we’re one country and <em<one nation. They got what they wanted – they opened the first check points between east and west berlin on the night of the 9th November. In the following days and weeks all the checkpoints were opened and people could travel from west to east without having to be afraid of being killed or something. Because the people that worked as soldiers and took care that nobody leaves East-Germany were allowed to shoot.

    Yeah.. that’s pretty much it xD I hope you’re still awake 😉

    Right! I didn’t even think about that. Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for adding the link 🙂 You could’ve also put in on your sidebar or something like that. Or the footer, IDK xD

    Hehe, I think it was the smartest decision to get one before the computer is completely packed!


    OH wow.. sounds like you’re gonna be pretty busy in the next couple of weeks and month! Are you a student?

    I’d totally love to do projects like the ones you have to… the projects they make us do are just plain boring..

    Good luck on them anyways <3

  3. Hi! Was just passing and would like to say your site is really good. Love the cute little layout, it’s a really nice site to navigate & helpful with the tutorials 🙂 I quickly read your blog as its like 10pm here and Im really tierd but do you take website design at school? as a class? if so thats really cool they don’t have those sorts of classes (that i know of anyway) do you enjoy it? sorry it’s just i might look into seeing if they do them for me as i’d be really interested! anyway, i will stop rambaling now!

  4. Ugh. I am in an overload too. -.- It sucks. It’s not the HTML and CSS and stuff ; I am an overload with school work. 🙁 Math the most. It stresses me so much.

    I guess your right. People just don’t see us our other ways. XD

    I am not quiet all the time hmm really just when I need to be. 🙂

    Then another 18 weeks. 🙁 Then summer break! Yay! XD That’s a loong way off though. 😛

  5. OMG ! 😮 that’s a ton of work ! at least you have a basis of PHP, CSS, and HTML. 🙂 It really helps, lmao .

    yeah 🙂 you actually really did help, lmao . i like that i can change the look of my pages / posts.

    i only thought he was “hot” in the 6th movie. but i really don’t think celebrity crushes are too good, since it really sucks to know you’re never going to meet them. . .right? haha 🙂 . but s’okay,since there are plenty of other “real” people out there.

  6. Aw, system overflow? Me too 🙁 My teachers have been so hard recently. They kept on explaining without thinking about our brain capacity 0.o I can’t get everything they explained, maybe only 70% 🙁 that’s why my marks are decreasing day by day. Aww ;(

    Anyway, have fun with CorelDraw! I learned it last year in my extra class and it seemed fun! I prefer photoshop though as I’ve been using it for 5 years xD But most magazines use CorelDraw and I think it’s not bad 🙂

  7. OMG, SO CUTE, and it’s been so long since I’ve talked to you! How have you been?

    I’m really hoping to take an Introduction to PHP class next term. Your “system overload” (which it definitely is) reminded me of that.

  8. Umm I think CorelDraw is much easier than Photoshop. It depends on the version though. I used CorelDraw 12, if I’m not mistaken and it’s quite easy to use (easier than photoshop). It can create awesome shapes without a graphic tablet xD

  9. Oh right, sorry, i thought you did 🙂 my bad.. yeah it does sound good, I’d love to do a web design class too, I’m sure there must be some out there as how would any of todays web designers got where they are? hmm.. lol
    Thank you! I’m glad you like me site! No I’m not new to web design, Iv’e had a few sites previously, my last one was last year but this site is new now, haha confusing hey? Im hoping I can keep it up longer this time round 😀
    oh btw, I made a magazine last month in my graphics class, it was really good fun! we had to take our own photography so I got my friend to model for me and we did some outdoor shots, then we created the magazine in photoshop and also did sketches in our sketchbooks. Was really good fun, especially for me as thats what I want to do for a career, hopefully! Hope you have fun with yours if you haven’t already dont it 🙂

  10. CorelDraw! That’s pretty awesome you get to do stuff like that. That project seems pretty fun, unless you do have to have sleepless nights. D:
    Are you studying web-design or something? /:

    I know threeish languages. More like two, but I’m learning Spanish. 😛
    So I know English & Korean. I’m learning Spanish at school and I’m in Spanish 1.

    Yeah, I don’t like picky teachers. BLAH.

    Mhmm, those anti-spam protection. But I don’t know how to get it… Ahah, I was thinking about switching to WordPress soon. Do you think it’s reliable and easy/easy to get used to?

  11. My flashdrive broke because — haha o_o — I’ve sat on it before…like, twice. It’s only because Sometimes I put it on my couch and I forget it’s there. Or the other day I stepped on it while it was in my computer, and it bent. But I lost the cap for it so it was pretty much junk already. My new one’s really nice though 🙂 <3 . I can't wait to start using it. . .and it has password protection so if I lose it no one can see anytthing

  12. Hey!

    Hehe, yep 🙂 But that’s true.. from now I am a tweeteen xD I guess I’ll always stay a kid by heart xD

    Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate that 😉 And it seems like everyone knows what I am getting.. besides me of course… I can’t wait for it to be next Wednesday xD

    *tries to think of a hot guy in her year* I don’t really think we have any “hot” guys.. maybe some good looking.. but hot female teachers?! Nah, you find that at our school. But we have this one female teacher and she is still pretty young (not even 30) and she looks really good; some of the boys from my year are totally in love with her.. she’s probably the Angelina Jolie to our Brad Pitt xD

    You just reminded me that I wanted to search for videos of that on YouTube.. I saw some short extracts on tv – but they were like only 5 seconds..

    I am still a pupil – last year though.

    The next time you have to do a project and I’ll have to do one too – we just switch tasks 😉

  13. Haha yeah; I sort of see it as hearts falling too. 😛 and all my domains are like my babies. 8D

    Thank you! *hugs* I am both excited and nervous. I love Center Stage and those other ballet movies though. It does feel exhilarating in a way. :3

    Haha well that’s why you don’t go on the pointe shoes until you are ready. I had to see a physiotherapist to make sure my ankles were strong enough. That stage is definitely not for beginners! 

    Haha nice! My friend got Facebook for free on her phone for a bit. I think you have to set up your phone with Twitter. At least that’s what I did. I had to get a verification code as well to activate my account.

    My mum didn’t want me to wear black nail polish either because she said I looked like a rebel! XD now she doesn’t mind.

    I don’t have the time either. If you do it at night when you have nothing to do though… 🙂

    Lol! I had a guy friend who had longer, neater nails than I did. 

    Aww I love your emoticons!

    I took the class for web design but closer to the end of high school the teacher told me that it wasn’t going to be of much use as it didn’t really cover web design. Programming is not my thing!

    You’re welcome! 😀

    She has such great graphic skills and unique designs. :3

  14. Oh good luck with your studies 😮
    Hopefully you’ll get through it all xD Life always has that way of working out doesn’t it? It’s nice you’re putting the effort into this, I’m sure it’ll be worth it later in your life 😉

    P.s, your layout is super cute, love the bnavigation!!

  15. Yeah have fun with CorelDraw 🙂 I also don’t have a graphic tablet but I always want one! sadly my dad doesn’t allow me to buy it because he doesn’t want me to be a graphic designer 0.o he wants me to be a programmer instead. LOL it’s kinda weird. buying a graphic tablet doesn’t mean that I will be a professional graphic designer, right? Haha sometimes I can’t understand my parent’s mind xD

  16. Sounds like myself that, leaving webdesign because of lack of motivation and then irresisting temptation to come back 😀 haha.
    Yeah, well it started as a group project just to introduce to the brief, we kind of took photography of each other and manipulated it in photoshop. Then we could choose who we wanted to model for the front cover, either inside or outside of college so I picked outside, theres less staring eyes and embarrassment then! I might put up my finished front cover in my portfolio soon, it turned out ok i think 🙂

  17. Wow, I would hate to start school at 7:30… well, I have SAT classes in the morning and I have to be there by 7:00AM anyways. X.X Sometimes I’m tempted to just fall asleep in class.

    Oh wow, your assignment with CorelDraw sounds really cool! Even though I’m not very creative, making a magazine sounds really fun. 🙂

    Wow, learning all those things at once sounds like a challenge; I know some of it if I mess with it like HTLM, PHO and all of that but, Javascript sounds a little tricky.

    Aha, I would have been a little confused as well if my teacher was talking in a foreign language. I’m sure you’ll get it soon; good luck!

  18. Haha, well, only the first two are mine, so don’t get too worked up about the loveliness of the Lovesnuggles fonts. 😉 I’m just redistributing a lot of them. 😛

    The emoticons ARE from the previous layout. XD I just haven’t changed them yet. I made 7 sets of emoticons yesterday, but STILL couldn’t come up with ideas for this layout. -_- Maybe I’ll just do circles… in one of the colors that you said. 🙂

    I’ve been better than I have been lately, which is nice (meaning that I’m good). 😀 I register for next quarter’s classes (which begin sometime at the beginning of December) on the 24th of this month, so I reallyyyy need to start planning.

  19. Haha yeah. I am not taking math in college (when I get my choice) 😛 It’s just not my thing and it sucks because it just gets harder. :/ So many rules!! D:

    LOL. Same here but sometimes not. 🙂

    We split up grades into 9 week periods and in this one we have 6 weeks left until the 2nd semester. There are 18 weeks in each semester so that means we are a little over half way done with the school year! 😀 YUS!

  20. LOL yeah, I’ve ever tried to talk to my dad about my passion in design and programming (web design says it all!), but then he said “You can learn it yourself, don’t you? Like what you have now, you learnt it yourself, right?” haha he still doesn’t allow me to be a designer one day just because I can learn it by myself :/ it’s weird! haha.

    uhm how much does it cost for a graphic tablet? Here in my country it costs around $30-$100, it depends on the type. It’s kinda expensive for a high school student like me though xD

  21. I only just started college a few months ago which is why it was *akward* haha, but thats good if you have some good friends
    I bet you will have a really good laugh doing it 🙂 Sure thing, I will add it when I get the chance and will let you know 🙂

  22. Hey!

    Hehe, I would open it right away but I still have to add some more things to it and stuff 🙂 I’ll for sure post the link on so you’ll know when it’s open 😉 I guess you just never forget your “first” – no matter if kiss, boyfriend or website/domain 🙂 xD

    It’s actually really simple. No big deal about it – but I think that the colors that were used on it make it look cute-ish xD

    It is difficult sometimes because you have to find something to blog about and stuff.. but I am glad that I am almost halfway through it!

    Hehe.. maybe you should just stay a teen for a lil longer because it takes sometime to get out of the “teen/kid” phase and into the “adult” phase. You have time 🙂 Just like me and all those other 20 year olds that might struggle with the same “problem”

    Hehe, being good looking and intelligent is probably the best combination ever 😀

  23. ahaha, very snazzy I agree. I never really knew why, It also took me a while to write that, haha.
    Thanks for reading my story and for the compliment! 😀
    I’m glad I found that premade (by lovechem), I think it’s perfect since I don’t really need a sidebar and my site is small (:

  24. Yeah that’s my point, I like this layout so I won’t take it down. 🙂 I was but now not for a little bit. 🙂

    Ahhh! A 0 out of 10? Eeeek. D: Yeah at least it didn’t count too much. 😉 Thanks for the virtual pat there! xD

    I THINK I got a B. XD I hope so. I know I didn’t fail it. 😛

    LOL. x)

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