Sudden Burst Of Emotion

Yes, I am really furious right now. But I think it’s best I wouldn’t my emotions get the better of me. In the event of having anger so strong, we sometimes forget to think accordingly for we take action right before we even will it because of this sudden burst of emotion. Talking about this makes me remember my Ethics class. >_< I was tortured during our Finals since we had to do an oral exam, which is the only basis for our Final grade. We had to study 9 chapters and our teacher gave us 58 guide questions, which are the questions in the exam and I don't know the answers for the most part of it so I really had to study and take it to heart. LOL. You guys know that I really enjoy designing sites and stuffs. Years ago when my designs were still pretty crappy, yet acceptable, I started accepting design requests for free. There was one who asked for me to do a design and he even provided me with pictures. After I emailed him about the design, asking him if it was okay so I could code it, I didn't get a reply anymore. >_< It was really frustrating. There was another one who oredered from me, an aspiring actress whose name will be revealed in my Hall of Shame as soon as I get my design site up. Right after I finished coding everything and was about to send her the .zip file, I asked for the money first. And I didn't get a reply even if I contacted her for a week or so. Like, what?! And you guys know about my experience last summer, about having an OJT and at the same time, having a sideline job. Guess what? I still didn't receive the last half of the payment until now. I had finished the site last semester, which was around July or August. And to think that I even asked for a cheap charge. I made a whole website running on WordPress with a gallery and upload script for just $112 approximately. I used 3 databases all in all. My classmate even told me that it was way too cheap, I should have charged $178 or so. It was a difficult task but I managed to do my part and accepted it because I want to learn new things as I ventured in this web world. That's why I get to think about making a design/portfolio site to make things formal. I'm planning on giving those people not doing their job as a client or so a special place in my site because I don't want this to happen to my fellow designers. I'm wary about anyone asking me to do a website because I have bad experiences regarding the issue. Somehow it got me thinking that maybe Web Designing isn't for me, but it's the only thing that I really like and that really interests me in relation to my course. FML.

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  1. To be honest, I don’t think any of that was you, I think that was just the people of the world being ignorant as they are. That’s a terrible thing to ask for someone to do all that work for you & then never reply. I would had just gone & thrown a fit for something like that.

  2. You shouldnt let those irresponsible clients stop you from doing what you love. Maybe next time, you just have to be careful in accepting projects. Like maybe, they have to pay you at least 75% of the total amount upon project acceptance or something 🙂

    I wish you the best! And good luck creating your portfolio 🙂

  3. Hi there,
    I found out about your blog from your fanlisting collective. I think we have quite a lot in common. I am a programmer who like web-designing as well lol. I am sorry about your designing experiences…I guess people these days can’t be trusted >_> I hope you can continue pursuing your interests despite these bad experiences. Maybe next time you work for someone your could have a fixed written contract so that they can’t go back on their word. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. I think web designing is definitely for you. I’d go as far to say that your designs are even better than mine! However it does suck when we get ripped off.

    You deserve your pay for whatever you worked for, especially the job. I can understand these silly and rude people bailing on you, but about the job – they should have paid you much, much earlier. I know we’ve talked a little about this too – I’ve been working for a month and I expect replies to my email and everything.

    I hope you still kept the designs you worked on, someone else might be able to use them (and this time pay, hah!).

    I think web design is definitely the job for you, though. I don’t know if it’s 100% the right thing for me but I really enjoy doing it. It is just a shame that we were buggered by annoying people.

    In the past someone asked me to design something for them and I started on it but I was annoyed when that person no longer wanted it. People should pay upfront and I think that is what web designers do in the industry. And they also get paid a lot more to make the entire site in one go. We might be amateurs now but we will be more successful in future. 🙂

    I love playing scenes in my head! I do it all the time, especially when I’m bored or have nothing to do. Like when I’m resting or when I’m on the train travelling.

    I also found it quite touching. It was pretty unexpected; I’m now expecting my other ex to do the same. HA!

    Yeah that’s true, it’s like the heavens had a huge cry and something cheered them up. 😛 I like seeing rainbows after the rain but this time there was nothing. DX

    AHAH admittedly you did a great job with the scary makeup! *thumbs up*

  5. Don’t be mad now… We don’t want those wrinkles, do we? LOL. Don’t take it to heart because you will just basically “loose balance”… That’s all I can think of. HAHA.


    What idiots! Ordering and never contacting back! Just a waste of time! Really, you should like make that hall of shame BIG and BOLD. Let the whole world know who not to trust! GRRR…

    Anyways, what are you talking about web designing not meant for you? Do you see your layouts and your resources? They’re awesome! Stop thinking about that! LOL.

  6. I know the feeling, I remember before, someone gave me a task to rewrite 5 articles.. right after I sent my outputs, she didn’t reply to me anymore. . 🙁 and like you, I was so frustrated. >:(

    Oh well, at least now, we learned.

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